10 Best Things to Do in Los Cabos, Mexico

|   Last Updated on August 18, 2020

We fondly call magnificent Los Cabos “the desert meets the ocean”, and it literally does just that.

The name which means “The Cape” is the combination of two sister cities that anchor the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula: historic San Jose Del Cabo in the northeast and Cabo San Lucas, the bustling marina town to the southwest. Known as a party town to some, many others know of its hidden treasures and so much more.

Cabo is renowned for its picture-perfect beaches, world-class sport fishing, stunning sunsets, delectable Baja cuisine, and the multitude of water adventure activities. It’s as if magic happens here where the churning waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the calm, warm Sea of Cortez. 

Here are some of the fun and phenomenal ways to fall in love with Los Cabos.

1. Stay at an Oceanfront Resort

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Having trouble choosing where to stay in Cabo when there are so many choices? Much depends on what you are looking for. If you seek off-the-beaten-path luxury with breathtaking views and traditional Mexican architecture, Hacienda Encantada is the perfect choice.

It’s no wonder the resort with its exquisite suites and private villas has been rated one of Mexico’s top 25 Resort Hotels by Travel and Leisure magazine. Tiered pools overlook the sea, most accommodations feature direct ocean views, and the staff provides outstanding service. It’s escapism at its best. 

2. Play on Stunning Beaches 

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Like pearls on a necklace, a string of sparkling beaches stretches through Los Cabos along the Sea of Cortez and into the Pacific Ocean.

Beaches here run the gamut from mild to wild. Visitors can slip on shades and sunscreen and find whatever stretch of sand trips their trigger, be it sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, wave running, or just sipping tropical drinks at a beachside bar.

Secluded Playa Las Viudas (Widow’s Beach) is a hidden local favorite with its other-worldly volcanic formations, tide pools, and massive surf breaks. 

Santa Maria Beach is another must-visit as its protected crescent-shaped bay is ideal for snorkeling. It’s also a photographer’s dream. The breathtaking beach lined with palapas (thatched stands) is nestled between two massive bluffs overlooking a protected marine sanctuary teeming with colorful sea life and tropical fish.

3. Surf With the Pros

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Nomad surfers out of Southern California in search of the perfect wave discovered the water conditions and ideal temperatures of the Cabo peninsula in the late 1960s.

Mike Doyle was one of those early boarders. He established a surf school on Acapulquito Beach, one of the top surfing strands in the area offering long, perfect rides. Surfboard rentals are available, along with lessons by professional surfers. 

4. Sail Into the Sunset

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Los Cabos is known for its spectacular, awe-inspiring sunsets. And there’s no better way to experience this wonder of Mother Nature than on a catamaran sunset sail, accompanied by wine and smooth jazz. One of our favorite sails is with Tropicat, on a 65-foot luxury boat.

The unforgettable romantic adventure begins at the marina, then slowly glides through the magnificent azure waters to Cabo’s most iconic site, El Arco, a massive stunning arched rock formation that links the turbulent Pacific with the Gulf of California’s Sea of Cortez. 

El Arco is a gateway to the open ocean where the breeze picks up, and the catamarans sail into the setting sun. As the great ball of fire dips below the horizon, the enchantment begins. Within minutes the evening sky lights up in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues.  

5. Kayak to Land’s End

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No visitor to Los Cabos should pass up an opportunity to kayak to Land’s End. Located at the southern end of Cabo San Lucas, it’s a chance to get even more up close and personal with the unique rock formations and caves. 

The most fun part is to enjoy the beaches of Playa del Amor and Playa del Divorcio, Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach respectively. Sharing the same glorious wide stretch of sand that crosses the narrow mountainous peninsula, these beaches couldn’t be more different. 

While Lovers Beach waters are calm, crystalline, and perfect for snorkeling, Divorce Beach on the Pacific side is wild and tempestuous, with dangerous rip currents, and yet absolutely beautiful.

6. Discover Historic San Jose del Cabo

A laidback, colonial, picture-perfect gem, the old scenic town of San Jose del Cabo celebrates a storied colorful history dating back to the 1700s, suspended in a rich patina of time.

The vibrant town is filled with charming boutiques, art galleries, quaint historic inns, hidden courtyards, and tantalizing restaurants. The icon of the village sits in the central plaza—the bright yellow twin-towered colonial-style church, Iglesia San Jose, built in 1730.

To the delight of locals and visitors, each Thursday evening from June to November the town hosts a celebrated wine-tasting art walk where artisans feature their original paintings, sculptures, photography, jewelry, and fine handicrafts.

7. Visit and Dine at an Organic Farm

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In the foothills of the Sierra del Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo, two organic farms provide locals and visitors alike with unforgettable culinary experiences.

Flora Farms is an impressive 25-acre organic farm growing over 100 varieties of vegetables and herbs, and home to the renowned Flora’s Field Kitchen and Grocery. Ranching supplies the eatery with humanely-raised chicken, pork, and eggs. Dining at the farm is a delight; patrons enjoy the bucolic setting while savoring foods that are raised and grown on-site.

Los Tamarindos, located just one mile from a picturesque estuary, dates back to the 19th century where the land was first used to grow sugarcane. Today the restaurant offers delectable dishes from its homegrown produce and fresh hook-to-table catches brought in daily from local fisherman. Cooking classes allow participants to harvest their own vegetables and herbs for a true four-course “hands-on” culinary affair.

Dining on the rustic patio of the 1888 stone building surrounded by verdant gardens with breezes blowing in from the Sea of Cortez was an unforgettable and timeless experience.

 8. Zipline in the Desert

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The Baja Desert and its picturesque canyons are best viewed from the air and ziplining has become quite the popular adventure activity in Cabo. Mexico’s longest, highest, and fastest zip line with speeds up to 60 mph is located in an absolutely beautiful oasis that’s part of a UNESCO-protected biosphere.

The adrenaline-producing activity led by experienced guides from Cabo Zipline Tours is not for the faint of heart. Participants traverse winding trails, tightrope over a stream, repel down a cliff, and rock climb as part of the multi-zipline adventure.

9. Head Out for Great Fishing

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In Cabo San Lucas, sport fishing is king. People from all over the world come to its legendary waters hoping to snag a world-class billfish or land other prized catches like tuna, snapper, El Dorado, wahoo, and more. 

Visitors can board a yacht at the marina and head out with experienced fisherman with the top-of-the-line gear, tackle, and amenities needed for a day on the water.

If you’re lucky enough to bring in a prize, many restaurants in the marina are happy to prepare the seafood to your liking. Or, subject to restrictions, some airlines permit passengers to bring the catch home in frozen, leak-proof containers.   

10. Dine With a View

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“They don’t have a view but the food’s good” doesn’t impress me much. Especially when there are so many top-notch restaurants that sport stunning sunset views in this Mexican paradise.

One hands-down lunch favorite is the Office on Medano Beach. A model of excellent food, top-notch service, and entertainment, guests here dine feet-in-the-sand on multi-hued tables under a thatched palapa roof. Spectacular ocean views come at no extra charge. An extensive menu makes it hard to decide, but sharing is always in fashion.

For a more romantic dinner, Sunset da Mona Lisa is an unforgettable must-visit. Carved into a cliff overlooking the deep tourmaline waters of Cabo San Lucas and an unending stretch of beach, everything about this place indulges the senses.

Linen-covered candlelit tables sit strategically on Mediterranean-style terraces among the rock outcroppings. The magnificent setting rewards diners with sweeping ocean vistas and a spectacular view of El Arco (the arch) at Land’s End. Each sunset is announced as a waiter strikes a metal gong, then blows into a conch shell to serenade the setting sun.

The Italian-inspired fresh seafood menu isn’t extensive, but it’s amazing and provides ample choices of the chef’s creative offerings. 


It’s no wonder Los Cabos is a renowned haven for the world’s most discerning travelers. This charming piece of paradise is perfect for everyone—couples, friends, and families. And it provides an unparalleled vacation where each visitor can personalize the trip to their individual liking. 

Simply put, the scenery is breathtaking, its friendly people are incredibly welcoming, and here at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, la vita es hermosa­­–life is beautiful.

Last Updated on August 18, 2020