Would you like to write for us? Great! Please read through our writer guidelines below before submitting a pitch.

About Rovology

Rovology’s new guiding philosophy is “changing your world through travel.” Our stories are meant to broaden reader perspectives, exposing them to new people, places, cultures and ideas. Travel should be portrayed as an awakening and enlightenment to make us a better citizen of the world. Rovology aspires to have heart, soul, spirit and guts in its storytelling, for ultimately, travel is as an opportunity for self-improvement, knowledge and understanding.

What We’re Looking For

Fascinating stories covering North and Central America and the Caribbean. We are moving away from roundups and listicles, and rather looking for deeper heartfelt content that grabs the readers imagination and captures the feel of a place.  Your story must captivate the reader’s attention while providing them with knowledge and insight of a destination. Tell them something they didn’t know and share with them the insider tips and stories that will make their visit more meaningful.

Here are some examples of the types of stories we are looking for:

The Little Rock Nine: Profiles in Courage

On the Trail of the Florida Highwaymen

Instead of “10 Best Greek Restaurants in Tarpon Springs, aim higher with How to Share Tarpon Spring, Fl’s Greek Culture

Seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West through new eyes

Enchanted or Haunted? The Mysteries of the Island of Lanai

Writers are also welcome to pitch our other publications, Travel By Vacation Rental (reviews of vacation rentals and B&Bs) and Book Cottages (European travel stories.

How to Write for Rovology

Pitch First: Please send pitches only through this form and if we believe it’s a good match, we’ll assign the story. Please do not send a completed article. Of note: Members of the Travel Writers Café from Travel Writers University receive top priority, though we are open to working with all writers.

If Your Pitch Is Accepted:

Writing Your Story: Keep in mind the publication’s philosophy of ‘changing your world through travel’ when you pen your article. Every good travel story needs to tell the what, where and when, but we want you to also tell the ‘why,’ so readers can share in your journey and experience.

Bio and Personal Photo: If your story is accepted for publication, we will also need a short bio and a personal photo. You can submit these at the time of story submission.

Word Count: Telling your story is important, so, we’re flexible on word count. If you can write a compelling story in 500 words, that’s great. If the story requires more, word counts up to 2,000 are acceptable. Anything more requires managing editor approval.

Photos: Submit at least 5-8 high resolution horizontal photos (do not resize for web, we will handle that). Please caption your photos and provide photography credits. This is mandatory for published articles. You should also obtain permission to utilize photos from any venue site if you need to augment your own personal photos.

Videos: If you can create a video, we’d love it! We can feature video inside your article and on our YouTube channel.

Article and Photo/Video Submission: Please prepare your story in Microsoft Word. Then upload your story and photos in Dropbox and share the link with us via the email we used to accept your pitch. Title your article and add your name under the title. Just know that the title may change after editing for SEO purposes. Please use subtitles in your article. Please use ARTICLE SUBMISSION and your article title in the subject line of the email.

Payment: In lieu of a set payment amount for articles, Rovology is doing something different. Each month, authors of the top three traffic-generating articles across Rovology, Travel by Vacation Rental and Book Cottages will receive a monetary bonus payment of $100 for most clicks, $75 for second and $50 for third. Articles are eligible for the bonus for a period of 6 months after publication and can only receive each individual story’s bonus payment one time.

Sharing on social media. In today’s fast-paced travel world, sharing on social media is not an option, it’s a requirement and it’s expected by your host destination and venues. In addition, as we have already shared, it will drive traffic to your story and further increase your remuneration opportunity.

Publication Rights: We publish first, worldwide, and digital rights. We also exercise the right to continue to use, share, and promote the article at any time in the future.


  • Kristi Dosh

    Kristi Dosh writes about travel, sports and craft beer. She is the co-founder of Rovology, as well as Travel Writers University, Travel by Vacation Rental, Book Cottage and Business of College Sports. Kristi is a current sports business contributor for Forbes and was previously ESPN's sports business reporter.