24 Best Things to Do in Spokane, Washington

|   Last Updated on March 27, 2020

Are you planning a trip to Washington? If yes, consider adding Spokane to your tour itinerary.

Whether you love outdoor or indoor activities, there’s always something you can do in this magnificent region. Spokane is a haven for lovely parks, exclusive museums, amazing waterfalls, and many great activities. Go hiking along the scenic trails in the region, explore restaurants and shops, and enjoy heart-touching performances by a local orchestra.

The choices are virtually endless. Even a month’s stay will fall short at Spokane. Here’s a checklist of the best things to do in Spokane Washington.

1. Row Adventure Center

If you love outdoor activities, then the Row Adventure Center is the way to go. It’s an outdoor tour company that lets you explore the natural beauty of the region. The company offers whitewater rafting as well as other activities you may wish to take part in.

Spokane is special and unique in that it encompasses a lovely river. The Spokane Falls, the Gorge, and the Waterfalls are highly sought-after by scenery enthusiasts. While you surf along the waterway, you could enjoy splendid natural features such as forestlands and rocky bluffs. Bird lovers get to see ospreys and eagles that dwell in the region.

2. Manito Park

The beautiful park is an ideal destination for picnics, bird watching, and children’s games. During the fall, spring, and summer seasons, this 90-acre park is the best place to smell roses, thanks to the Dahlia Garden and the Japanese Garden. Just take a walk on the paved paths or simply sit and relax.

Geese and ducks frolic in the pond. The conservatory is filled with exotic tropical plants and desert. During the winter season, the flowerbeds get covered with snow, compelling you to take mind-blowing photos. The park provides visitors with a well-tended, beautiful oasis and a place to unearth something new about nature in an intriguing manner.

3. Mobius Children’s Museum

The Mobius museum of Spokane Washington was designed as an interactive setting where children can learn about various topics such as art, culture, and science. Children get an opportunity to extend their knowledge base on various subjects through classes and camps.

Education being the main theme of the museum, children can explore numerous galleries to get familiar with numerous things in a funny manner.

The Out-Of-Hand art studio is a special mention in this regard. Here, children can try their hands on drawings and paintings and use their imagination and various materials to make creative things such as feathers, beads, and others.

4. Spokane Falls

Nesting in the central district of Spokane, the Spokane Waterfalls embody dams and waterfalls that enrich the beauty of the place. Back then, the city used to have a big group of Native Americans who called the Falls – swift water. Visitors often get immersed in the waterfalls, forgetting their day to day life chores.

The Fall is divided into the Upper Falls featuring the Upper Falls Dam and the Lower Falls featuring the Monroe Street Dam, which generates hydroelectricity for the area. The Friends of the Falls Organization safeguards and conserves the Falls as well as the nearby river Gorge.

5. Centennial Trail

Hiking lovers may want to visit this 37.5-mile long trail. Beginning at the official state line, the trail passes on the way through the lovely Spokane Washington and ends at the Nine Mile Falls. The trail follows the Spokane River and offers accessibility to various outdoor chores such as biking, hiking, skiing, camping, bird watching, and others.

The Centennial Trail and the North Idaho Centennial Trail link with one another. Together, they connect the societies of Coeur d’Alene and Spokane. One particular thing about the trail is it takes you to the countryside regions to the west and east of the city.

6. Riverfront Park

It’s one of the most wonderful urban parks of the United States. Covering an area of 100-acre land, the park includes a bewitching island, the superb Spokane Falls, the 1909 Looff Carrousel, and lots more. Bird lovers can watch geese, ducks, marmots, and ospreys.

You may let your children play in the big red wagon, relax in the rotary fountain, or take a hike through the wild conservation areas and meadows. As well as cherishing the unmatched beauty, you can get along with your children and loved ones in this lovely natural setup.

7. Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

Resting on West First Avenue in Spokane Washington, the northwest museum has a big collection of art, culture, and artifacts concerning the history of the local area, Indo-American culture, and other cultures.

Known as MAC among locals, the museum includes an auditorium, five underground galleries, an outdoor amphitheater, an education center, and a cafe and store.

The museum conducts guided tours of the historic neighboring area, the Campbell house. You could expect antique books, historical maps, and amazing photographs. They all paint the picture of an old and gold America.

8. The Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox

The one of a kind theater began its journey in the year 1931. Robert Reamer, the famous architect, designed the lovely Art Deco building. Back then, it was the largest theater in Spokane with 2,300 seats. Anthony Heinsbergen’s spectacular murals decorated the auditorium and mezzanine.

Many stars such as Katharine Hepburn and Frank Sinatra have performed at this theater. Listed as one of the historic places in the National Register, the theater presents an amazing stage for amateur as well as established artists to demonstrate their performances.

If you like live performances, you may want to reserve your seat at this theater while on a visit.

9. Monroe Street Bridge

While you could see the bridge from your SkyRide, take some time to walk on this historical bridge on foot. Built in the year 1911, the present Monroe Street Bridge, Spokane Washington, is the third one constructed on the site. It’s an exclusive place to walk around and watch some stellar views of the Spokane River.

You may access the bridge via a trail leading from the Riverfront Park. Linking the south and north parts of the city, the bridge offers access to a wide range of magnificent attractions to visitors, including the popular Alpine Bakery Company and the memorable Patsy Clark Mansion.

10. Historic Davenport Hotel

Built in the year 1914, the Davenport Hotel is a long-standing hub. Even if you make a day’s visit in Spokane Washington, there’s a lot to do at the famous Davenport Hotel. The traditional architecture is the telling feature of this historic hotel.

However, you may also want to take a look at the lobby, the event space, the mezzanine, the gift shop, and the candy shop. You could also cherish a lip-licking meal at one of the restaurants of this hotel, a spa treatment, or a drink there. No matter what you want, the hotel provides a lot of things you may need.

11. John A. Finch Arboretum

Situated in West Woodland Boulevard, this splendid space is a public arboretum that stretches to 65 acres of land. Founded in the year 1949, the arboretum includes over 2,000 trees and shrubs that are hard to find elsewhere. The collection is famous for its assortment of maples and conifers, rhododendron grove and many lilacs.

You’ll also find a nature trail known as the Touch and See Nature Trail owned by a local organization. Activities and events are held all through the year and you may book a tour to visit this magnificent arboretum.

12. Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park

The Mount Spokane Park is located at over 20 miles outside the center of Spokane. Skiing and snowboarding are the highlights of this park. Children as well as grownups team up to show off their skills in these thrilling adventures.

Snow tubing and nighttime skiing are the noteworthy features that make this park unique as well as wanting. If you wish to extend your visit for a couple of days, you may book one of the rustic lodges there. Food enthusiasts love to cherish a variety of delicious meals at the Vista House, which dates back to the 1930s.

13. Spokane County Raceway

Do you love car racing? If yes, consider catching a race at the County Raceway. Popular for hosting all types of vehicle racings during summer months, the raceway also hosts various winter events, and this includes the famous Snow Rally.

The multi-venue vehicle sporting facility is situated at Airway Heights in Spokane Washington. It includes a 2.3-mile course, a quarter-mile drag-strip, and a half-mile over the track. Checking the upcoming racing events before hitting the raceway is advisable to make the most out of your visit.

14. Mica Moon Zip Tours

Wildlife enthusiasts flock to this destination to see the lost wild nature. The Mica Moon Zip Tour offers an exciting way to view nature in a unique style from high above the treetops. The tour takes you over a mountain stream, forest glens, and across a valley.

Bird lovers get to see elks, hawks, and other wildlife creatures. If you’re lucky, you could see some rare breeds of animals from high above the treetops. The tour lasts for about two and half hours before you could refresh your memories.

15. Downtown Spokane

If you’ve just arrived in the city, then Downtown Spokane should be on the top of your to do list. Visitors love the flavor of this city-side area. It’s a place that provides shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities for all types of individuals, native as well as foreigners.

The entertainment area includes the Martin Woldson Theater of the Fox, the knitting factory concerting house, and the 20-screen AMC Theater. The area also embodies concert halls as well as multiple restaurants. The city by itself is beautiful. Other attractions include holiday festivals and live music concerts.

16. Avista Stadium

Located at the east side of Downtown Spokane Washington, the Avista Stadium is an outdoor sporting venue. Dating back to 1958, the stadium can accommodate around 7,000 spectators at a time. If you want a couch with a view, you can choose a skybox.

Then there’s a picnic spot that lets you enjoy a variety of delicious meals. If you’ve kids, you may want to check the Kids Zone there. A Press Box and the Banner Back Diamond Club are other prominent features of the stadium that are worth your time.

17. Spokane Symphony

If you love music, then Spokane Symphony ought to be in your checklist. It’s essentially an orchestra of professional, established musicians who often play at the Woldson Theater. Founded in the year 1945 under a different name, the Symphony has evolved in popularity and traffic with time.

Many artists perform at the Symphony. Whether it’s winter or summer, you can find live performances at the Symphony whenever you want. Other popular performances held at the venue include holiday concerts and park concerts. No matter your choices, you’ll find music matching your tastes and flavors all through the year.

18. Green Bluff

It’s the name of the collection of farms (a farming community) in Spokane Washington. Early Native Americans burnt the bush around the local trees; later, when the grass grew, the early settlers named the place – Green Bluff. Although the area has been widely known for strawberries, you can find many other things such as apricots, apples, peaches, cherries, and others.

One peculiar thing about local farmers is they offer tours as well as events. Besides fruits, the region takes pride in housing rare species of birds. If you visit the area, you may get to see bald eagles, elk, deer, and coyotes.

19. The Scoop

If you travel with your family and are enthusiastic about trying tasty desserts, the Scoop is the way to go. Take your kids for a walk at 25th Avenue on South Hill and let them savor some of the most favored delicacies. Popular items include the fabulous, hot Belgian waffles toppled with fruits and ice-creams.

Although a small ice-cream and waffle shop, the Scoop is quickly gaining popularity for their special Belgian waffles and ice-creams. You could also enjoy organic coffee (locally roasted). Plus, the surroundings of the 25th Avenue are equally neat, clean, beautiful, and cherishing.

20. Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge

The Turnbull NWR is situated six miles to the south of Cheney in Spokane Washington. It provides amazing wildlife watching opportunities along with various trails that loop through the pine forest and wetland habitats.

Then there’s a 5.5-mile route (auto tour). Here, you get a chance to walk, bike, or drive to access scenery of the refuge and the surrounding environment.

In addition to this, various short trails and a boardwalk loop on the outskirts of the lovely Blackhorse Lake. All these things make the site accessible for almost anyone who prefers the taste of outdoors.

21. Queen of Sheba

If you haven’t tasted Injera with the yesiga sauce, you’re in luck for a spicy treat. Injera happens to be a conventional Ethiopian bread, which is soft and spongy. It contains the tastes of beef stew with garlic, tomatoes, onions, ginger, and Ethiopian spices. Dipped in the sauce, the bread presents unique tastes you may get addicted to.

Fortunately, you don’t need to pay a visit to Ethiopia just to try this amazing delicacy. You could taste the flavors at the Queen of Sheba in Spokane, Washington. As well as savoring Ethiopian cuisines, you may wander around the treat house and find some amazing landscape views.

22. The Steam Plant

After serving as a heating plant for years, the Steam Plant is alive for you. Now you get to view a completely renovated area. Today, it’s open in the form of various outlets, including an event venue, a superb upscale restaurant, retail space, and a craft brewery.

Just tour this old plant and get immersed in the history of Spokane. You may also want to wander among boilers and catwalks to the splendid Stack Restaurant. The elegant decor of the upscale restaurant goes well with the modern, electric, and imaginative food. Shellfish, shallots, Pale Ale, etc. are some of the unique dishes you can try here.

23. The Gonzaga University

It’s a private catholic university resting on East Boone Avenue of Spokane Washington. This one of a kind university was founded in the year 1887 as a catholic school for the Native Americans of the local area. Although more than a century has passed, the university has maintained its originality in all respects.

Whether it’s style or architecture, you get the glimpses of historic art and teaching in one place. The university stretches to 131 acres of land and consists of 105 buildings. Some of the interesting tours offered by the university include the Residential Hall Tour, the Campus Tour, and Group Visits.

24. River Park Square

If you feel like shopping, head over to the River Park Square. Here, you’ll find a network of restaurants, stores, and entertainment spots. The place also takes pride in hosting various special events all through the year.

Festivals, celebrations, and sales are usually the themes of these events. With more than 50 restaurants and stores, the River Park Square is a one-stop destination for all of your shopping needs.

Bottom Line

Planning your itinerary beforehand is advisable while visiting Spokane Washington. With so many interesting places and things, you could get lost in the region. The choices and options are virtually varied as well as diverse. So, make a list of these best things to do in Spokane, Washington to make the most out of your visit and enjoy a memorable trip.

Last Updated on March 27, 2020


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