Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of a trip into space? Or better yet, one that offers a space spa?

Space Perspective, the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, has unveiled the custom design for its restroom – a first-ever Space Spa. The company has completely reimagined human spaceflight with an innovative spacecraft (Spaceship Neptune) that features a pressurized capsule propelled slowly to the edge of space by a giant SpaceBalloon.

Tucked into one side of the roomy capsule interior (the Space Lounge), the Space Spa will surpass facilities you would find in a first-class airplane cabin and serve as a solo oasis during spaceflight – a shared experience for eight explorers accompanied by a Space Captain.

“We aimed to create an environment that was more akin to a spa vs. an aircraft experience,” Dan Window, who leads all facets of design at Space Perspective with Isabella Trani, said. “We embraced softness and optimistic color tones in the Space Spa which play nicely with the contrasting colors you will see through its two windows.

“We’re also using light washes to allow customization of the environment as well as discourage reflections in the windows. Soothing soundscapes will be unique to what you experience in the Space Lounge and we brought in plants as a callback to the experience that Space Perspective’s founders had in Biosphere 2.”

Space Perspective Space Spa with views of space.
Space Perspective Space Spa with views of space. Photo courtesy of Space Perspective

Adding to the luxurious experience Explorers – passengers – will find onboard Spaceship Neptune are elements including a world-class food and beverage program, ultra-comfortable seating, custom headphones, amenity kits and Wi-Fi.

“The Space Spa is the one place in the capsule’s interior where Explorers will be able to have a moment of solitude, so it was imperative that it felt like a retreat,” Trani said. “Explorers will find this environment cocooning and comforting with no sharp edges, which adds to the ambience and creates a very welcoming place. On a practical level, the design benefits cleanliness with surfaces that are easy to wipe down, not to mention sound and odor control through the padding and greenery.”

In July, Space Perspective announced that the company had sold more than 1,600 tickets – surpassing the number of seats sold by any other space tourism company and representing $200M in sales. To put the significance of 1,600 Explorers in perspective, just over 600 individuals have ever flown to space, making Space Perspective’s sales a groundbreaking achievement in expanding humanity’s access to and experience of space. 

Space Perspective’s mission is to take as many people as possible to space because looking down on our planet from that vantage point – the quintessential astronaut experience – will radically shift one’s perception of our world and our place within it. Astronauts often return from missions with a fire inside them to create positive change, and many get involved in environmental and societal causes as a result.

“One of the most consistent questions we receive when people learn that our spaceflight lasts six hours is if there will be a loo,” Jane Poynter, Founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective, said. “The answer is always, of course, ‘yes.’ And there is no need for a vacuum toilet like astronauts contend with, or a diaper. Having a proper and beautifully designed restroom contributes significantly to the accessible and unique experience we are offering and accentuates the incredible views of the deep blackness of space, the brilliant thin blue line of our atmosphere, the stars above and the Earth below.”  

Space Perspective Space Spa.
Space Perspective Space Spa. Photo courtesy of Space Perspective

You’re wondering how much? Journeys to space with Space Perspective start at $125,000. Flights will leave out of Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island near Cape Canaveral in Florida.

NOTE: Would be space travelers from outside of Florida should be aware that the NAACP has issued a travel advisory for the state noting, and warning, that under its current governor, Ron DeSantis, Florida has “engaged in an all-out attack on Black Americans, accurate Black history, voting rights, members of the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, women’s reproductive rights, and free speech, while simultaneously embracing a culture of fear, bullying, and intimidation by public officials.”