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With some gorgeous beaches and comfortable warm climate, Florida is definitely one of the most attractive states for many people.

It can be a great place for you to settle down with your family, especially for retirees.

If you are looking for a place where you can settle down after retirement, then you will probably love the idea to settle in Florida.

It is one of the most popular cities with different places to live whether you love the beach or the city or anything between these two.

Want to know what is the best place to retire in Florida is?

When you are looking for a place to settle down after your retirement, there are many factors you have to consider. Some of them are:

  • Affordability
  • Safety
  • Whether or not good for family
  • Neighborhood
  • Fun activities

Based on all these above points, we have listed the top 25 best options that you can consider for your post-retirement home.

You can check the details below to decide which place will be ideal for you. Read on!

Here’s our list of the top 25 places to retire in Florida:

1. Cape Coral

This is one of the best cities in Florida that you can consider to stay after your retirement. It is a nice place to live in with your family as it has very low crime rate.

It has some stunning beaches with great parks, golf courses, lakes and nature preserves.

You can have a great fun time with your family here in Cape Coral. Also, this place is quite affordable for living in.

2. Tampa

Want to keep yourself busy after retirement? Then you must choose Tampa. It is one of the major cities in Florida with large natural harbors and some cultural offerings.

With great tourist attractions and advanced urbanization, this place is a perfect for the people who tend to be liberal.

You can enjoy some great shops, restaurants, bars and coffee shops throughout the city. Plus, Tampa is quite a safe city to live in.

3. Orlando

This is not only just a favorite spot for tourists but it is a great place for retirees too.

With the crash of housing market, this area has become quite affordable for the people.

This place can be a perfect destination for some quality family time after your retirement.

With some great shopping malls, theme parks and golf courses, this place has a lot to offer. You can never get bored while living in this city.

4. South Palm Beach

Being located in the popular Palm Beach County, Florida, this place offers a stunning view.

If you want to enjoy the beach as well as the urban feel, then this place is the right one.

South Palm Beach is one of the most favorite destinations for the retirees and many people live here after their retirement.

So, you can find some retirement communities here where you can socialize.

5. Daytona Beach

Being located in Volusia County, this is one of the most popular towns in Florida for the retired people.

Living in this place can give you a mixed feel of both urban and suburban.

This place is known mainly for its wide and smooth beaches.

It also offers some fun activities for the families and you can also have a great time here enjoying the pubs and restaurants.

6. Venice

If you want something small and cozy, then Venice is the right place for you. With just about 23,376 people, Venice is one of the smallest cities in Florida.

But it is complete safe and its connection to the Gulf Coast of Florida makes it quite a popular option for the retirees.

Even the neighborhood is pretty affordable here which a crucial factor to consider in a place for settling down post-retirement.

7. Ormond Beach

With some great beaches, parks and gardens, this is one of the favorite places for the retirees.

They have a lot of options to explore with their family and have great time together.

It has some great public schools and affordable housing.

Even the crime rate is pretty low offering a safe and secure environment for your family.

8. Clearwater

This is one of the best places to settle down in Florida. It offers the residents with a mixed feel of both the suburban area and urban area.

It is an ideal destination for all ages and it is clearly one of the most beautiful places in Florida.

The Gulf breezes and beautiful crystal clear water can offer an immediate tranquilizing effect on you.

9. Pelican Bay

With population of only 6140, this place offers a very quiet and cozy environment. Want to settle away from the typical city-life? Then this place is the best. Though it offers an urban feel with most of the residents owning their own house, it is a quiet and conservative place. Even the public schools are quite popular here.

10. Hillsboro Beach

This is one of the safest places located in Florida which is located in Broward County of Florida.

It is a beautiful place with the urban feel to it. You enjoy a great lifestyle in a much more affordable cost.

This place is surely one of the top favorites for many. Hence, it can be one of the best places to retire in Florida with or without your family.

11. Ridge Wood Heights

The Ridge Wood Heights is a small town located in Sarasota County, Florida with a very little population of about 4,297.

This is a place with some great housing options for the retired people. It also has some amazing public schools.

It offers the best quality restaurants, coffee shops and bars. This place is quite a favorite for many people around Florida.

12. Whiskey Creek

Whiskey Creek is located in Lee County and it is considered as one of the best places in Florida, especially with family.

It offers a very dense suburban feel and most of the residents here own their homes.

With a very few population of only 5,022, this place tend to be a good place for the family.

It is safe with a nice neighborhood and some great public schools. The crime rate is quite low making it a safe place to stay.

13. North River Shores

Looking for a relaxing place to be after retirement with your family?

Well, this is a great option to consider in Martin County, Florida.

With a population of about 3,800 people, this place is one of the best ones that offer great coffee shops, restaurants and parks.

The best part is that it has some great housing options and public schools making it an ideal choice for staying with family.

14. Fort Lauderdale

If you want to enjoy a pleasant and semi-tropical climatic place to settle down, then this is the ideal one.

With a beautiful climate and some amazing arts scene, Fort Lauderdale is a great place to retire in Florida.

You can take a stroll down the beautiful Riverwalk and enjoy some of the touristy places here.

This place is located just a short drive away from Palm Beach city and Miami. You can never get bored in the weekends!

15. Port St. Lucie

Being located right on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, this can a great place to have fun and enjoy after retirement.

It is easy to find some affordable housing here in this fast-growing city.

If you are a sports-fan, you will definitely love being here.

With numerous golf courses, restaurant, pubs and cafes, this place can offer great entertainment.

16. St. Petersburg

With the Tropicana Field, Dali Museum and Museum of Fine Arts, this place is surely the best one that you to settle down after you retire.

The comfortable warm weather throughout the year makes this place even more suitable for the retiree.

This place has been a favorite for most of the seniors because of the fun social life and amazing housing communities.

You can surely have a great time here with your family.

17. Jacksonville

This is a beautiful city located in Duval County in Florida. It is one of the best places for the retiree as it offers residents with a dense suburban feel.

It is packed with beautiful parks and great restaurants which is a positive thing for living with family.

The residents here are quite friendly with a liberal mentality. The public schools are also quite good here. But it is one of the most populous cities in Florida.

18. Naples

Being one of the most popular towns in Florida, it is considered as a great place to live.

It has also been named as one of the best places to retire. You can expect a complete urban feel in this town with most of the people owning their own house.

With some high rated public schools and amazing parks, coffee shops and restaurants, this is one of the favorite places for most of the people.

19 . Jesen Beach

Located in the East Coast of Florida between West Palm Beach and Fort Pierce, this place is considered as the most eligible place to retire.

It is also popularly known as Pineapple Capital of the World’ and you can enjoy Pineapple Festival every year.

With great housing options and public schools, this is a perfect place for living with your family. You can enjoy a sparse suburban feel here.

20. Siesta Key

This place is a barrier island located right in the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota in Florida.

This is a very popular place which is a great option for living too. It can offer the residents with a upscale urban feel. It has some high rated schools, coffee shops and restaurants.

With a beautiful beach and some fun activities to do, this can be a great place to retire.

You will never get bored here in this beautiful town!

21. Timber Pines

Want to settle in a beautiful suburb of Florida? This is one of the best options to consider.

This place is indeed one of the best places to retire in Florida because of its suburban feel along with great public schools and housing facilities.

Many retirees have settled down here in Timber Pines.

22. Surfside

This is one of the suburbs of Miami in Florida.

With amazing public schools, great diversity and some amazing parks, this place is surely the most wanted place for the retired people.

It is a great place if you like to live a life to the fullest.

With enormous opportunities and fun activities all around the year, you will love this place.

Also, it is quite safe to settle down with your family here in Surfside.

23. Brookridge

This is another suburb of Tampa in Florida. With a population of only 4,412, this place can offer you with a beautiful rural feel.

At the same time, with some great restaurants and cafes you can get the suburban feel too.

If you like to stay away from hustle and bustle of the city far away in a quiet corner, this place is the perfect option for you.

24. Longboat Key

This is another town in Florida with a population of about 7.283. This is a beautiful place in Sarasota County and it is one of the best places for retirees to live.

With high-rated schools and great restaurants, this place can be a great option for you to consider. It is completely safe and has some fun activities to do throughout the year.

25. Hialeah

This is one of the largest cities in the State of Florida. It is located about 11.5 miles to the northwest of Miami. The best feature of this city is the Hialeah Park which is a venue for horse racing.

You can expect a huge cultural diversity here with people from Latin America settling here. It is a great place for you to retire to and settle down with your family.


Based on the latest reports on safety, tourist attractions and pricing, we have prepared this list very carefully. All these 25 places that are mentioned above are located in different parts of Florida. It is up to you to choose the best one according to your preferences.

Whether you want a city life or you want to settle somewhere quieter away from the hustle-bustle of city, you can pick the Best Place to Retire in Florida from the above mentioned places.

Definitely, you will want a place which is safe as well as has some amazing places to have fun! Go ahead and pick the right place for you to settle down.


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