Have you heard of “sleep tourism?” These  are travel experiences that help create healthy sleep strategies for long term wellbeing. They offer travelers essential tools to reset and reboot their sleep schedules. 

With sleep deprivation affecting nearly half of American adults,  Downtown Los Angeles’ urban oasis, Hotel Figueroa, is taking relaxing vacations to the next level by prioritizing a good night’s rest with its specialty “self-care suite” featuring the most cutting-edge sleep, fitness & wellness brands.

Knowing that sleep is critical to our mental and physical health and overall well-being, the urban resort welcomes  a slate of new luxury sleep partners in 2023 to bolster the Rest & Recovery Suite and offer guests the most elite sleeping experience within a hotel environment.  The hotel also launched a new Slumber In Style Package in 2023 where guests will receive an OSEA Vagus Nerve Travel Set to help prepare for restorative sleep in one of the hotel’s spacious suites.  


Most lights keep us awake, and even very low levels of normal light can interrupt sleep patterns. With this in mind, Hotel Figueroa has partnered with Gamma Light Therapy to introduce Revive – a lamp that uses a precise deep red-light wavelength to help improve sleep, enhance energy levels, and reduce morning grogginess. The evening spectrum, which includes red-light wavelengths, helps us sleep and maintain natural circadian rhythms by enhancing natural melatonin production. 

To minimize noise pollution that may interrupt quality shut-eye, Hotel Figueroa is the first hotel property in the United States to carry Swedish made Happy Ears Eco-friendly Earplugs, an environmentally-conscious brand made utilizing ocean plastics. With a quiet environment, guests are more likely to experience a good night’s rest and avoid nocturnal noise which has been shown to fragment sleep. 

Experience a gradual awakening with gentle light from Loftie’s new Loftie Lamp, shown in studies to enhance cognitive performance, well-being, and mood through dawn simulation. Placed on each beside table within the suite, guests wake up more naturally to light, feeling energized and refreshed. 

To help stimulate the circadian rhythm, Rookie WellnessRelaxation and Sleep Sticks are a low-dose melatonin supplement made with natural relaxing herbs like passionflower and valerian to help restore balance for relaxation, sleep, and cognitive and muscle function.

A 2017 study found that people who lived in areas with high levels of outdoor air pollution were 60% more likely to sleep poorly than those in regions with less pollution. Another study found poor ventilation can also lead to restless nights and groggy mornings, with studies showing a link between exposure to air pollution and risk of developing sleep apnea.  

Understanding that clean air has a direct impact on sleep quality, the suite has partnered with the clean air experts at Molekule to outfit the Rest & Recovery Suite with the purest air in town courtesy of Molekule’s pollutant-sensing Air Pro system (with patented pollutant-destroying PECO technology). This is in addition to the added boost of air purification with two Air Mini+ units situated beside each bedside table within the suite’s bedroom chamber.

Proven to reduce stress by 14% in just 10 days, all of Hotel Figueroa’s guests can now utilize the mindfulness and meditation app Headspace (complimentary after they sign up for the World of Hyatt Loyalty Program) to relax the mind in minutes, improve focus, and get the best sleep ever.  


We all have our own pillow preferences, and no two people share the exact same needs, which means that one of the most common complaints of a poor night’s sleep comes down to your pillow. Upon booking your “restful-cation” in the Rest & Recovery Suite, guests are prompted to fill out a quiz 2-3 weeks in advance to determine their own personalized pillow preferences by way of Pluto Pillow™, a woman-owned customizable pillow company that custom-builds pillows to your body stats and sleeping preferences. Personalized pillows are ready for you upon arrival at Hotel Figueroa.  

Taking serious sleep one step further to the mattress itself. Hotel Figueroa has tapped the world’s first sleep fitness company, Eight Sleep, for an entirely customizable Pod mattress that smart adjusts for temperature through the night to maximize quality of sleep. The Pod is dual-zoned, meaning, each partner gets their own personalized climate by leveraging technology to resort individuals to their peak energy levels each morning.  

After waking up rested, recharged, and relaxed after your perfect sleep, guests can opt for an in-room workout with the personal strength fitness mirror, FORME, nourish the brain and fuel the soul at the in-room Recovery Bar with No. 8 nootropics and coffee alternative ritual kits (:rise Cacao and :rest Rooibos single-serve blends) from MUD\WTR, all before utilizing the post-workout recovery tool, Hyperice

In addition to Hotel Figueroa’s new Rest & Recovery Suite, the urban property offers travelers near and far a short reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with all the key elements of a restorative vacation, where in addition to recharging in the new Rest & Recovery suite, you can also rest poolside at the urban oasis’ iconic coffin-shaped pool, revel in a wellness tonic or specialty latte from health-conscious all-day eatery, Café Fig, or indulge in the hotel’s flagship Italian eatery, Sparrow Italia, for their newly launched brunch menu.  

About Hotel Figueroa  

Hotel Figueroa guest room.
Hotel Figueroa guest room. Credit Hotel Figueroa.

Hotel Figueroa remains one of the only preserved treasures in Downtown Los Angeles with a uniquely independent spirit and luxury brand authentic only to the City of Angels. Originally opened in 1926 as an exclusive women’s hostelry, the iconic destination underwent an extensive redesign in 2018 that pays tribute to its rich history, melding original 1920’s Spanish Colonial splendor with contemporary touches that celebrate its deep roots in Los Angeles.

Hotel Figueroa’s reimagination exceeds expectations of a new generation of guests with 268 guest rooms and suites that are distinctively engaging. An ever-evolving art program offers museum quality installations from local artists and literary collections from Los Angeles based authors.

  The Rest & Recovery Suite is available for booking here

Hotel Figueroa is located at 939 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90015, in the progressive and ever evolving South Park district of Downtown Los Angeles on S. Figueroa Street between W. Olympic and W. 9th Streets.