Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Global Cruises, a leader in experiential shore excursion services, has introduced its newly minted Caribbean Portfolio, meticulously curated for the upcoming Caribbean Season, running from November to May.

This portfolio encompasses an impressive array of more than 500 shore excursion offerings across nearly 20 ports in the Caribbean. These offerings are divided into nine unique tour types that showcase the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes and the spirit of adventure that the Caribbean is renowned for.

The portfolio is designed not just to meet, but to exceed the evolving desires of cruise passengers, featuring cutting-edge technology, sustainable experiences, local immersive tours, exclusive curated events and much more.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to craft these experiences that promise to enchant our guests and create memories that will last a lifetime,” Leyla Osorio, CEO of Global Cruises, said. “With more than 500,000 annual passengers enjoying our shore excursions across 100 ports around the globe, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation and excellence. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and to continually enhance their travel experience.”

Global Cruises, launched in 2008, has experienced remarkable year-over-year growth, expanding its operations even through the pandemic years by focusing on product development and sustainable offerings.

This year, the company is proud to reveal its collaboration with 14 leading cruise operators, including Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, while maintaining a robust network of over 558 global partners and shore excursion staff.

About Global Cruises

Global Cruises is a premier global tour operator dedicated to delivering unparalleled shore excursions and land programs to cruise passengers worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Global Cruises provides a spectrum of experiences designed to create unforgettable memories.

From local, immersive tours to ultra-luxury curated experiences, Global Cruises is synonymous with adventure, sustainability, and sophistication in the cruise excursion industry.