Last Updated on August 2, 2023

There are few pastimes more extravagant than yachting. How many times have you seen a yacht and felt just a tad bit of jealousy toward those who can afford to vacation this way? If only there were an affordable private yacht vacation.

Well, now that level of luxury and adventure can be experienced by more travelers because the global luxury yacht charter market is growing by leaps and bounds. All indications are that the affordable private yacht vacation trend will continue growing in popularity. How nice that travelers no longer have to pine over the extravagant lifestyle enjoyed by rock stars, celebrities and billionaires waving from their massive cabin cruisers.

Not when you have the option of booking your own affordable private yacht vacation!

Travelers sailing on a yacht vacation can embrace the freedom of the open ocean and map out unique paths to multiple available destinations around the world.

A private yachting destination is ideal for those who don’t want to be hemmed in by traditional vacation spots or fancy exploring places larger (and more crowded) ships can’t go. They’re also an attractive option for anyone seeking personalized itineraries based on individual preferences featuring lots of private space for themselves and any companions.

Dream Yacht Worldwide has created sailing vacation packages that make yachting a more affordable option for non-sailors, adding four additional destinations to its sailing portfolio that now includes 15 locations worldwide. These yachting adventures proved so immensely popular that destinations like the British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Tahiti and the Seychelles are now a part of its global offerings.

This “Easy Crewed” Charters program was launched in 2022 in Greece and Croatia offering easy-to-book, flexible and price-competitive sailing packages. Part of the Dream Yacht Group, the program is an addition to the company founded by Loic Bonnet in 2000 with the goal of revolutionizing the industry by making yacht sailing accessible to all. What began as a fleet of six boats now includes more than 50  destinations throughout the world making Dream Yacht Worldwide one of the largest yacht fleets on the globe.

Our Days Bahamas.
Our Days Bahamas. Photo courtesy of Angela Tuell

One-week charter trips introduce guests to stunning coastlines, crystalline waters, ancient ruins, hidden coves and seaside villages, incredible local cuisine, and islands only accessible by small boat. Catamarans range from 38- to 54-feet and can accommodate up to 10 sailing guests; children are welcome with no age restrictions.

Charters include private cabin accommodations, bed linens and towels, spacious areas for dining and relaxing, marina and port fees, an experienced local skipper and crew, and watersports equipment including standup paddle boards and snorkeling gear. Skippers work with guests on the first day of the sail to plan a custom itinerary that accommodates desired activities, day stops and night anchorages. Guests may also choose to add a hostess/cook, air conditioning, and half or full-board meal packages to include all breakfasts and lunches or even all meals in more remote cruising locations. These individual meal plans cater to guests’ specific preferences.

Easy Crewed Charters packages are available for booking for summer 2023 sails and beyond. One-week package prices start as low as $630 per person for 10 guests aboard a 47- to 56-foot monohull in Croatia and $1023 per person for 10 guests aboard a 43- to 47-foot monohull in the British Virgin Islands.

It’s hard to beat the value of this one-week charter trip that offers your very own private boat to your favorite destinations to make your own unforgettable vacation memories.


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