16 Best Things to Do in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

|   Last Updated on March 10, 2023

Puntarenas, the eponymous capital of its province, is the eighth largest city in Costa Rica.

Here’s our list of the the 16 Best Things to Do:

1. Paseo de Los Turistas

The good news is that once you take a nature walk along the sea coasts or the refreshing ocean adjacent to the Paseo de Los Turistas, you will experience a fresh sea breeze just like that of Florida town since those back days of the 1950s.

There are a variety of vocational and recreational facilities such as the stylish traditional wooden homes and hotels. The bright gingerbread homes add beauty to the up-to-date concrete artwork and Deco relics that by their look goes without saying a new coating layer wound be appreciated.

You like venturing, and so you decide to tour the city center and take your supper amid the city. Here you can enjoy cities impeccable and delicious meal in the central plaza, which is just a few meters away from the Catholic Church.

The large portholes on the church clearly show the rich maritime and cultural heritage of this city traditional. It is among the most impressive building in the town, so once you are in the town, make an effort of visiting the church.

Amazing it is how the church entrance faces the easy while most of the churches here in Puntarenas faces the west direction. The city cultural center is strategically positioned amid the city center so call a visit to this place to witness the rich cultural herniate of this place dating many years ago

The La Casa de la Cultural is the name of this fantastic cultural central. It is here you will further find the rare traditional theater performance in addition to housing a small but decent museum carrying much of the city history.

2. The Museo Historico

The Museo Historico has its history based on the traditional maritime activities that have its exhibition in various sizes such as Spanish and English. Here you will get free admission if you attend by 8 am from Monday to Saturday afternoon and close by 4 pm.

The comfy and inviting sitting benches will be a perfect sitting spot with cool a cool breeze where you can relax on a sunny day situated at the little park.

3. Gulf Waters Swimming

Aerial view of the blue waters at the Gulf of Papagayo.
The blue waters at the Gulf of Papagayo. Courtesy of Deposit Photos

The gulf waters swimming is an ideal place for those who love swimming in warm water. It is strategically placed and perfectly safe where you can enjoy together with your family even though the beach is that very gorgeous.

4. Playa Dona Ana

You can as well as choose to ride a few kilometers southern part of the town to the Playa Dona Ana, one of the famous beaches in the local areas where you are free to interact with the loving people of Costa Rica. Additionally the beautiful picnic tables, refreshments and pretty of roadside vendors.

5. Playa Tivives

As you advance further southward, you get the Playa Tivives which however being a very popular it is has not received much frequent visit by tourists so you can enjoy taking a photo with your family. The Ticos has several beach houses that house the unique, brown sanded beach.

Surfers are not left desperate, so you should check the beach break as you head to the mouth of the famous Barranca River which strengthens the incredibly long gone breaking.

However, be very careful since sea animals like the black American crocodile’s habitat both in the Tivives and the Barranca rivers.

6. San Lucas Beach Club

Is swimming your favorite hobby yet your hotel does not have swimming. The San Lucas Beach club is there for you. However, it is a landlocked swimming recreation complex you wound believe the large free-flow form pool.

It’s strategically positioned at the peninsula end you will get a clear view of the whole gulf and its tendency to fill up in case there are cruise ships at the main port.

7. Sport Fishing

Even though Puntarenas is not one of the best Costa Rica sport fishing grounds, some few charter boats are easy to access and available at all times. Just request the docks, and you will get help on how to hire one.

8. Visit the Guantanamo, Negritos and the Biological Reserve Pajaros Island

With the readily available cruise yacht, you can quickly go through these uninhabited islands. Some of these cruises free services include the popular sunbathe, a lunch buffet, among others. You can as well as drop at Tortuga Island to enjoy your sunbathing, swimming and snorkel.

Here you will find clear blue water with bright white sand, adding the beauty of the island and the surrounding areas. One of the fantastic experience you find in almost all these islands is the luxurious feel while boarding these cruises.

The Calypso Tours has maintained its reputation as the best cruise company Puntarenas. If you have your family or your business associates and you want a private reserve while on board then this is the right for you and your guest.

Additionally, you are free to enjoy your weekend at the Punta Coral nature reserve that is a private property of the Calypso Tours company. Sunset dinners cruise is also an ideal place for your guest’s meetings or family meals.

9. See Major Architectures in Puntarenas

Palacio Municipal

The palace sits on the ground where the Municipal palace was formally established. The Municipal castle was destroyed by the great fire back in the 1970s. Architect Jorge Bertheau led upper floors plans, and for years it has maintained its position as the most strange structure in the town.

Casa Fait

It is not a wonder name this building as the most lovely building in the city. It was established back in 1920 by the famous Italian settler the late Alberto Fait Rocchi. The building has a mix of both the Victorian and coastal tastes making the most admired building in the Puntarenas.

Note the cruise charges are reasonable with each cruise running for about $150. The good news about these cruises is that they provide everyday pickups from Manuel Antonio, San Jose and Jaco town. You can as well use their cruise yachts during the day time as you crisscross all these destinations and cities.

La Casona

It is particularly incredibly popular, especially from its beautiful lemon yellow color and design that makes it a perfect lunch spot to both locals and visitors. You will find countless locals making fun in and greenery laden deck situated at the Parque Mora. Your family will additionally get plenty of local grilled fish and turtle’s meat with their soups.

10. El Shrimp Shack

Here you will get the most modern dining facilities. Just from the vague name, El Shrimp lies in the interior of Puntarenas with its fantastic marble-topped furniture’s, wood-panelled walls, dangling glass ceiling and antique light sconce’s that makes this place one of the most amazing places you can have your dinner with your family and guests. Plenty of local meals such as crocodile meat, local drinks, among others.

11. Hotel La Punta

View of the Puntarenas lighthouse at sunset.
Stop at the Puntarenas lighthouse on your way to the hotel. Courtesy of Deposit Photos

It is located a few meters about 150 meters from the beach and around 1.4 kilometers from the central park in Puntarenas. While in the hotel you will access free Wi-Fi and an outdoor swimming pool and modern comfy sun-basking coaches. Additionally, all the rooms have large flat screen TV where you and your family can watch your favorite show. A large variety of dining options making the hotel an ideal for large family and meetings.

12. Isla Coco Bar and Grill

It is one of the emerging and expanding to grill offering various bountiful seafood, live music, tour guidance desk and even the sushi shelter.

13. The Parque Marine del Pacifico

It is one of the most popular marine parks where family and couples can enjoy their weekends.H ere you will enjoy manta rays, beautiful clownish among other sea creatures, especially those from pacific. Additionally, the park sits on the site that was the train station many years ago. You will get a chance to enjoy the beautiful Pacific creatures.

14. The Fiesta de La Virgen

Fiesta de La Virgen del Mar is the most celebrated in Puntarenas particular on July 16th. The beautifully decorated fishing yachts and boats will be roaming around the harbor, mainly to ensure all the visitors are well protected from any risk that could arise while they enjoy their weekend in the sea.

15. Delicious Seafood in Puntarenas

The Marisqueria El Kaite Blanco is a well-known restraint sitting on the northern side of the Puntarenas. Particularly in this rambling restaurant, you get some of the local meals. Excellent customer services with plenty of appetizers commonly known as the Bocas will be provided at relatively low prices before the main dishes are availed. Spicy clams are still available although the locals argue that ours are more advanced that the standards ones.

16. Club in Puntarenas at The Capitan Moreno’s

After a sun-basking, you would like to shake your booty with your friend. This club has an amazing and massive dance floor and strategically placed along the beach. Plenty of young Tico crowd to keep you company as you enjoy you’re dancing. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your dancing experience.

Last Updated on March 10, 2023


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