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Costa Rica is simply a fabulous place on Earth to adventure, explore and enjoy at your best. Beaches, rainforests, cloud forests, volcanoes, waterfalls, lakes, valleys, underground caves, National Park, Adventure Park, hot spring resorts and National Theater; you name it, and there you have it.

So when it comes to listing down the things to do in Costa Rica, you might find it going endless. 

So what to do and what not? You might be feeling excited already for your trip. Here’s the list of best things to do in Costa Rica and you can shortlist and prioritize them according to your tour plan, interests and preferences:

1. Zip Line in the Forest Canopies of Costa Rica

The rainforests of Costa Rica have much to be explored from 100 feet above the ground than that you can find on the forest floor. Just imagine, traveling freely on a zip line under the thick green canopies of the Costa Rica rainforest.

You get a chance to observe closely so many species of animals and birds living in the upper branches of these forests while taking a zip line tour. It’s an out of the world experience that you can never forget.

And believe me, once you go on a zip line tour in Costa Rica, you’ll want to do it again and again. The zip line tour over there is one of the best zip line adventures of the world you must never miss.

2. Relax on the Beaches and Shores of Costa Rica

Two of the world’s best oceans shores meet the boundaries of Costa Rica so beautifully that the place looks and feels no less than a paradise on Earth.

The Pacific the Caribbean are the world’s most stunning oceans with the beauty of limitless water and high rising waves in view.

You can think of no better vacation plan than to relax on the fascinating sunny beaches of Costa Rica.

The good thing is that there are so many of the islands and beaches in Costa Rica that you can keep moving from one to another in a boating tour or on your raft.

You can spend many sunny days on different beaches every day during your tour to the place.

And if a soothing massage is added to your relaxation time spent on the beach, you can definitely revive and refresh yourself the best during your vacation. 

3. Enjoy Horseback Riding Through the Striking Scenery of Costa Rica

Horseback riding through the striking scenery of Costa Rica is an unmatchable adventure, as you can never compare it with horseback riding in any other landscape at all.

Whether you go horseback riding on the beaches or any valleys of Costa Rica, the way you can roam around on a horseback makes the whole experience pretty different for you.

We all know that it’s kind of relaxing having a tour on a horseback and the best part is that the horses you get for riding in Costa Rica are so well trained and know the place so well that they take you on a tour without any hassle at all.

So you never feel tired even after hours of horseback riding in Costa Rica.

4. Go Scuba Diving in Drake Bay

View of the crystal blue waters of Drake Bay.
Dive into the crystal blue waters of Drake Bay and explore the marine life of Costa Rica. Courtesy of Deposit Photos

Drake Bay is an ideal place for scuba diving in Costa Rica.

There you get to observe closely the beauty of underwater world at its peak.

The place is a peaceful and serene divers’ heaven between the shores and cliffs and the underwater world out there is astonishing.

So when you’re planning your tour to Costa Rica, don’t miss a chance to dive around with sea creatures like turtles, eels, sting rays, humpback whales and even sharks. 

5. Enjoy Surfing on the Waves of the Pacific and the Caribbean

Surfing on the waves of the Pacific and the Caribbean is something you won’t like to miss during your trip to Costa Rica.

Even if you’re new to surfing, you can benefit from the surfing camps and clubs being arranged over there.

These best beaches of the world have got perfect waves a surfer would look for.

Got to Playa Matapalo, Hermosa, Santa Teresa, Pavones, Jaco, Guiones, Cocles, Dominical, Negra, Avellanas, Tamarindo or Grande. Any of those you choose to go to will be perfect for the surfing experience of a lifetime.

You can find many experienced instructors to teach you to surf on these waves with ease and then you can enjoy exploring these waters on your own. 

6. Visit the Volcanic Mountains of Costa Rica

Going through the volcanic mountains of Costa Rica is a very unique adventure in itself.

You don’t need to be scared of them to erupt at any moment as most of them are dormant now. Still the frozen lava floor and the remains of the explosions are very interesting to view and walk through.

You can also use the hanging bridges to view the volcanoes more closely. You might not be able to find any equivalent adventure anywhere else in the world. 

7. Have Fun on a Sailing Cruse 

When you’re so near to world’s best oceans, how can you ignore a sailing cruse? You can book a cruse with the best facilities package you like, and here you go.

The whole lot of fun and excitement of sailing on these splendid oceans is all yours to enjoy and cherish. 

8. Watch a Live Show on the National Theater

When you go to San Jose in Costa Rica you must not miss watching a show on the National Theater.

Not only the building reflects the glory of their architectural heritage, but the live performances you get to watch are also quite entertaining, impressive and influential. 

9. Have a Coffee Fields Tour

Costa Rica being rich in its natural attractions has got yet another appealing sight to capture your attention, its lush green coffee fields.

A tour to one of these in Sabanilla de Alajuela or Naranjo can be arranged for learning more about coffee.

You’d definitely like to spend time over there and these coffee fields are truly worth watching. 

10. Go Hiking through the National Parks

In Costa Rica beautiful National Parks have been created around some of volcanic mountains.

Although some of these volcanoes are active, but it’s completely safe to on them through the National Parks.

Arenal Volcano National Park is ideal for hiking on the mountain rocks formed by the lava flow and if you’re looking to go on a car instead of hiking, the Irazu National Park surrounded by a a cloud forest is there for you.

11. Explore the Beauty of a Cloud Forest 

Exploring a cloud forest walking through the clouds is the most unique tour you must not forget to plan for your vacation on Costa Rica.

It’s absolutely amazing exploring a cloud forest with jaguars, ocelots, sloths pumas and monkeys around you.

You can explore the beauty of a cloud forest in Costa Rica walking on the footbridges under the canopies and the view around will be more stunning and awesome than you can even imagine. 

12. Spend Time Near a Waterfall

Spending time near waterfalls and admiring the beauty of these natural wonders is something special about your tour to Costa Rica. In The waterfalls The Nature Park of La Pez Waterfall Gardens is a nature sanctuary with diverse species of animals.

The park is located near magnificent waterfalls, rainforests and cloud forests, so it’s an awesome place to explore the versatile landscape and admire the biodiversity of Costa Rica.

13. Visit the Hot Springs

View of a hot spring surrounded by palm trees located at The Springs Resort and Spa.
Take a relaxing dip into one of many hot springs located across Costa Rica. Courtesy of Deposit Photos

The hot springs of Costa Rica are a natural amenity you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Tabacon Hot Springs in the middle of a rainforest and Eco Termales hot springs near Arenal Volcano have many hot water pools available for you to relax throughout the day. 

14. Arrange a Boating Tour

A boating tour being arranged for your family or friends gives you full freedom to move around the Papagayo Gulf in Costa Rica. then you can as much time as you like to spend on any of the beaches and move to next one to be explored whenever you like.

This freedom and flexibility of a private boat in the waters of Costa Rica is something is the best way of spending time in the waters and beaches of Costa Rica. 

15. Go for Canyoning Adventure and Make your Tour Special

If you want make your trip to Costa Rica really special and unforgettable, don’t miss the canyoning adventure at all.

You can find many good options. This might take a lot of courage to try this for the first time nut once you get the hang of it you’ll enjoy it so much that you won’t want to miss any of the canyoning options available in Costa Rica.

No doubt, the engrossing landscape of Costa Rica with its rich rainforests, cloud forest and waterfalls makes it the most ideal place for the canyoning adventure. 

16. Go for the Rafting Fun

Rafting in Costa Rica is yet another fun adventure you must not miss.

You can book a rafting tour for as many days as you like and can enjoy floating on the water freely on your raft.

17. Explore the Wonders of Tortuguero Canals

Tortuguero Canals are wonder of nature in Costa Rica. A place full of unique wildlife, away from the world, looks like a paradise in itself.

The place is inhabited by monkeys, crocodiles, manatees and caimans.

An opportunity of observing these creatures in their natural habitats is a unique opportunity you can always remember.

18. Go on a Bird Watching Expedition

Costa Rica is a habitat of many rare bird species which you can observe closely while visiting that place.

These birds of variety colors and patterns have filled the air of these rain forests and cloud forests air and it adds the beauty of their atmosphere.

Monteverde, especially is a mesmerizing place in Costa Rica with numoruos bird species to be watched.

If bird watching is your thing, you must never miss visiting the hummingbird gardens over there. 

19. Enjoy the Fascinating Cruise to the Gulf of Nicoya

Your trip to Costa Rica would be incomplete if you miss out the cruise to Gulf of Nicoya.

With many fascinating islands with white sandy beaches is a place to relax enjoy the beauty of nature around you.

The cruise itself is so enjoyable and if you get involved in adventurous and exciting activities reaching over there your trip would become even more enjoyable for you.

The islands on the Gulf of Nicoya are a perfect place for hiking, jet skiing, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming as well. 

20. Visit the Marvelous Caves of Venado

Another beauty of Costa Rica is the naturally carved limestone caves of Venado.

This underground wonder of nature is so captivating and mesmerizing that you feel totally lost in its strangely connected caves.

There are eight caves in total which lead tone another through strange passages unfolding the mysteries of nature as you explore them. 

21. Be a Cowboy in Sabanero

Have ever dreamt of being a real-life cowboy in your childhood, here you have a chance to live your dream. Liberia is known for its cowboys’ culture and there you can find many ranches to arrange a cowboy tour of the place.

You can enjoy watching the beautiful scenery along with the unique wildlife and bird watching.

You can even come close to sloth, puma, monkey or even a jaguar on your way.

So the expedition can be thrilling and amazing as you go riding along as a cowboy. 

22. Go for the Kayaking Adventure in Tortuguero

Aerial view of the Tortuguero National Park and turtle beach.
Tortuguero National Park and turtle beach. Courtesy Deposit Photos

You can plan an adventurous tour to Tortuguero in Costa Rica and can spend relax and enjoyable time with your family or friends.

While the village itself is an amazing place to visit, the Tortuguero National Park is there to add more to the fun and adventure.

Turtle nesting is specialty of the park along with many other adventures and attractions for the visitors.

You can reach there by a boat and have fun Kayaking in the sparkling canals of Tortuguero.

23. Enjoy the Tram Tour in the Rainforests of Costa Rica

A tram tour sounds interesting to people of all ages. It’s always a unique experience travelling around the place in a tram and if you can get one in Costa Rica that would be amazing.

Especially if you have your family and kids with you, hiking around might not suit you for exploring the rainforest and its wildlife.

You and your family can safely and comfortably travel around in a tram and observe the beauty of Costa Rica rainforests very closely. 

24. Go on a Snorkeling Expedition in the Pacific or the Caribbean

Snorkeling around in the Pacific or the Caribbean sounds so amazing and you can actually enjoy it during your visit to Costa Rica.

Being so close to the world’s most beautiful oceans makes you want to dive deep and explore the marine life closely.

You can get a snorkeling expedition arranged for you to go to deep waters by yourself and see how the dolphins, whales and sharks feel like living over there. 

25. Indulge into a Cocoa plantations Tour in Costa Rica

You get opportunity to visit Cocoa Plantations in Costa Rica. Cocoa plantations are an amazing to view. You can learn about the coffee making cultivation process and many related things over there. And not mention the souvenirs of chocolate you can get right from the cocoa plantations would be nicest you’ve ever tasted. 

26. Find the Unique Variety of Wildlife at Corcovado

If you’re looking to make your tour to Costa Rica really special you must plan a visit to Corcovado.

Its National Parks have got all the variety of unique rainforest wildlife you’re looking to explore and there’s no better place than this in Costa Rica to find such a huge variety of birds and animals around you. 

27. Enjoy the Limón carnival Held in October

If you happen to go to Costa Rica in October you’re very lucky to experience the thrill and beauty of Caribbean culture at its best.

The dresses, the dancing and the dishes of this rich and colorful culture create a dazzling atmosphere in the carnival and finding yourself between this is an opportunity of a lifetime. 

28. Spend a Full of Adventure Day at Bajos del Toro

Bajos del Toro is the place with the beauty of nature at its best and is the best outing spot for the adventurers.

Hiking and horseback riding on its trails requires skill and energy but the attraction of natural world around you is worth it.

29. Admire the Beauty of the Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory Costa Rica has a collection of the regions prettiest butterflies which are bred over there. There you get a chance to learn about butterflies and other similar species in detail.

And amazingly your visit to the Butterfly Conservatory won’t limit you to the butterflies only.

You can go a river walk to see the parrots and toucans living in the trees near the river and can see the frog habitats and orchids as well. 

30. Go Bird Watching in Curi Cancha Reserve

Curi Cancha Reseve is a spectacular place to get closer to nature and feel the beauty of cloud forests.

The Reserve has many pretty species of birds and the birds watchers can spend a lot of useful and fun time over there.

The best part is that you can have a guided and informative tour of the place which can be planned for a day or a night according to your preference, and whichever time slot you select has its own charm and beauty.

It would be nice if you get a chance to enjoy both a day and a night tour to this magical Curi Cancha Reseve in Costa Rica.

31. Visit the La Fortuna Waterfall

View of the La Fortuna Waterfall from afar.
The La Fortuna Waterfall flowing into a creek. Courtesy of Deposit Photos

The La Fortuna Waterfall with water falling from the height of 75 meters looks splendid in the middle of the rainforest.

You can have a refreshing swim in the pool water and go on hike to the volcanic mountain of Chato.

32. Suspended Bridges Walk in Monteverde

Walking on the hanging bridges high above the rainforests is an adventure of its own kind.

The suspended bridge of Monteverde in Costa Rica give a marvelous opportunity of spotting the forest birds and animals in their natural habitat. You can find a jaguar, monkey, puma or sloth in the rainforest of Monteverde. 

33. Visit the Jaguar Rescue Center

Whoever wishes to look at the jaguars of Costa Rica rainforests closely must visit the Jaguar Rescue Center located in Puerto Viejo. There you get an opportunity to learn a lot about these amazing animals and can watch and observe them very closely.

Obviously you can never get so close to a jaguar and observe how they live in an open forest, so do visit the Rescue Center and benefit from this remarkable opportunity in Costa Rica.

34. Go Fishing in a Pond or Lake

While being so close to nature and many splendid waterfalls, ponds and lakes near you in Costa Rica, you must not forget to plan for the fishing adventure on any location of your choice. With so many types of fish in the water of Costa Rica who would like to miss the chance of fishing some rare species.

But you must first of all confirm if the fishing is allowed in a specific region before planning your fishing tour. You can enjoy fishing on the go on a boat tour or while you’re near to a waterfall.

The waters of Costa Rica are a heaven of fishers with lots of large and small fishes around you. 


So what are you waiting for? There’s much to explore and experience in the beauty rich rainforests, cloud forests, valleys, volcanic mountains and waterfalls of Costa Rica.

Your most exciting and adventurous trip of a lifetime, loaded with loads of fun activities and things to do, awaits you in Costa Rica.


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