15 Best Things to Do in Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

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Harrison Hot Springs 90-minutes east of Vancouver, this hidden gem is nestled against the southwestern Coastal Mountains and located at the southern shores of Harrison Lake in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Harrison Hot Springs offers an array of opportunities to get back to nature, including walks, hikes, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and so much more.

After spending some time in nature, why not take a stroll along the main street and visit some stores. There are plenty of boutique stores, gift stores, as well as art galleries to explore. Afterward, grab a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants.

Harrison Hot Springs is the perfect place to unwind and get back to nature at any time of the year.

15 Best Things to Do in Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

1. Harrison Hot Springs Resort

Harrison Hot Springs Resor
© Kim Jackson

The Harrison Hot Springs Resort offers a relaxed atmosphere and a warm soaking pool with cooled hot spring water pumped into it. They are for hotel guests only, but there is a public pool one block east of the hotel. The mineral-rich hot springs at Harrison, first visited by the Salish Coast Natives, arrived by canoe to benefit from the rejuvenating waters.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort is placed in the perfect area for experiencing the scenic beauty, natural attractions, and exciting outdoor adventures of Harrison Hot Springs. Across from the hotel, the beauty of Harrison Lake’s shoreline and the distant mountain scenes give you the feeling of being in paradise.

Since 1866, travelers from all over the world have found relaxation and healing from their five hot mineral spring pools, as well as the rejuvenating treatment they receive at the spa.

2. Shoreline Tours

Shoreline Tours - Harrison Hot Springs
© Shoreline Tours

Come and explore the unbelievable landscape and wildlife of Harrison Lake and the Harrison River. Shoreline Tours would love to welcome you aboard their 62-foot Transport-Canada-Certified Boat. The Laroan offers a sightseeing deck for all ages, including a BBQ grill, kitchen and dining area, and washroom facilities. They pride themselves in providing informational lake cruises, waterfall cruises, private charters, river cruises, Port Douglas, and parasailing.

3. Walking/Hiking Trails

View from Trail - Harrison Hot Springs
© Kim Jackson

While visiting Harrison Hot Springs, you will find a tremendous selection of walking and hiking trails to explore.

Hicks Lake Trail – This family-friendly hike completes a loop around Hicks Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park. The entire walk is six kilometers. Make sure you give yourself a couple of hours to explore the trail. Hicks Lake is only 20 minutes east of the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. If the weather permits, why not bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature?

Spirit Trail/Bridle Trail Loop – Located in the Lower Bear Mountains, this 5.5-kilometer trail is an easy walk, with flat trails that crisscross through the park. Allow yourself two hours to complete this easy-to-moderate trial. The Spirit Trail Loop features numerous clay masks installed by a local artist to enhance the mystical appeal. A wooden boardwalk connects the Spirit Loop Trail to the longer Bridle Trail.

Sandy Cover/Whippoorwill Point – This moderate 4-kilometer trail begins from the Harrison Resort and takes about 1.5-hours. Make your way towards the large Sasquatch painting and then follow the path along the shore and just past the hot springs source. Follow the trail on the left-hand side and start your climb up the mountain. Enjoy the views, secluded beach, and the beauty of this area.

Harrison Grind – This trail climbs up Agassiz mountain. It leads you on an old logging road, under power line towers, towards a series of granite bluffs. This 10-kilometer trail is not an easy climb, but you will discover meager parts of history in this area. Allow yourself 6-hours to complete this hike. Ensure you are wearing comfortable footwear and appropriately dressed as you pass through gullies and overgrown vegetation.

Bear Mountain Hike – To get to the Bear Mountain trailhead, travel 4.9 kilometers from the four-way stop in Harrison down Lillooet Avenue and the Rockwell Drive. This 18-kilometer trail is long and challenging and is overgrown in some areas. Give yourself about 7-hours to complete this hike. Make sure you keep looking for the flagging tape at the crossroads and always take the path most trailed.

Maybe you would prefer a more leisurely walk? These three easy trails are fun to explore.

View from the trail
© Kim Jackson

Miami Bridges Trail – This easy walk will guide you through the forest, past old lamps, and over nine bridges. Please be aware that some of the bridges have stairs, so this is not suited for wheelchairs or baby strollers.

Harrison Lagoon Trail – This is an easy 4-kilometer walk along the lakeshore. Enjoy the lake’s views and the village as you follow the gravel road to the building that houses the hot spring source. On your way back, make sure you take a walk along the lagoon and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.

The Heritage Walk – This easy-paced 5-kilometer walk will take you back through time, past historical buildings, and landmark moments in history. The walk begins at the Visitor Center. Make sure you pick up your Ticket to Explore brochure. You will find helpful information regarding this walk as well as other walks you might want to take.

4. Harrison Eco Tours

Harrison Eco Tours
© Kim Jackson

Come and enjoy this incredible area with Harrison Eco Tours. They offer a great variety of wildlife tours, jet boat tours, guided kayaking, guided hiking, and Harrison Eagle tours.

For those of you who love waterfall chasing, they also offer a trek to Rainbow Falls. Their goal is to provide you with plenty of opportunities to access the incredible beauty of this area.

5. Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool

Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool
© Kim Jackson

For those of you who are not staying at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, a public hot springs pool just a block down the road at the junction of Hot Springs Road and the Esplanade. What a great opportunity to warm up and soak those aches and pains after a long hike or boat ride in chilly weather. They recommend that guests spend no more than 1.5-hours in the pool.

6. Sasquatch Museum

Sasquatch Museum - Harrison Hot Springs Canada
© Kim Jackson

Are you on your way to visit Harrison Hot Springs? Why not take a moment and drop by the Visitor Center? They can recommend some great places to explore.

While there, make sure you drop by the Sasquatch Museum. Take some time to view the compelling artifacts, history, witness accounts, science, lore, and myths. Are you a believer?

7. Kilby Historic Site

Kilby Historic Site Building - Harrison Hot Springs
© Kim Jackson

Located only 20-minutes from Harrison Hot Springs in Harrison Mills, the Kilby Historic Site is a BC Heritage attraction. What a great place to spend time and explore the Fraser Valley’s history in the 1920s.

Step back in time and explore the various attractions — a 1906 General Store Museum, Manchester House Hotel, and Post Office, as well as a working farm with friendly farm animals.

Hungry? Come to the Kilby Café. Relax and enjoy the ‘soup and sandwich’ menu in the quaint home-style café, featuring 1920s music and a cozy atmosphere.

8. Agassiz-Harrison Museum

Agassiz Museum - Harrison Hot Springs
© Kim Jackson

Located in downtown Agassiz in Pioneer Park is the Agassiz-Harrison Museum and Visitor Information Centre. Let them take you back in time over the last 100-years. The museum is in the 1893 Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) station and is one of Canada’s oldest remaining wood stations. The Archives include photographs, maps, documents, and manuscripts from people and organizations within the Agassiz-Harrison Valley. You will find an extensive collection of newspapers dating from 1923 to the present. Before you leave, make sure you check out the Loco-Motive Gift Shop.

9. Eat in the Black Forest

This family-owned business, located across from the beach, has been operating The Black Forest Restaurant since 1975. They are proud to offer authentic German cuisine that is both memorable and fresh. Some of their Black Forest specialties include Vienna Schnitzel, Black Forest Schnitzel, and Schnitzel Cordeu Bleu. Their German specialities include Rinder Rouladen, Hausegemachte Bratwurst, and Bayrischer Hackbraten.

10. Muddy Waters Café

This family-run business, located across from the beach, has been operating since 1993. The Muddy Waters Café includes a café, espresso bar, and an ice cream shop. Muddy welcomes and greets their regulars by name and embraces them as family. All are community-minded and not only promote everything they love about Harrison, but they also source most of their food locally. They take pride in themselves in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone who walks through their doors.

Their menu includes fresh local produce, locally roasted coffee, and cheese from the Agassiz Farm House. They offer breakfast, lunch, and brunch, as well as yummy baked goods. During their warmer months, they offer outdoor seating in their covered patio.

11. Circle Farm Tours

The Circle Farm Tour is a road map that directs you to a variety of specialty farm-gate vendors, open-air markets, charming eateries, heritage sites, fairs, and other special events.

The Agassiz and Harrison Mills Circle Farm Tour is a celebration of past and present and is a rich mix of beautiful things to see, do, smell, and taste. You will see cows roaming in the fields, watch artisan cheese and hand-crafted pottery in the making. Take a self-guided tour of the 1920s living history historic site and explore the garden and shop for antiques, home and garden décor. Make sure that you pick up the guide before you start or download it from the website. Take your time and visit the businesses that interest you. These tours relate in some way to agriculture and the area’s farming heritage.

12. Canwest Art Gallery

Is art your passion? Make sure you drop by the Canwest Art Gallery on the lake. You will find stunning folk art by Richard Brodeur and original handmade creations, including paintings, sculptures, pottery, wood carvings, glassware, jewelry, and many delicious confections. This art gallery has earned a solid reputation for featuring the works of nearly fifty Canadian fine artisans. As you step through the door, you will be drawn to the beautiful art pieces and paintings throughout the store. Take your time and find that special something to take home.

13. The Harrison Festival of the Arts

Welcome Sign - Harrison Hot Springs
© Kim Jackson

The Harrison Festival of the Arts is a 10-day festival at Harrison Hot Springs. For over 40-years, Harrison Hot Springs has been celebrating this fabulous family-friendly event each summer with national and international artists. This event is for the whole family to enjoy, featuring music from around the globe, visual and literary arts, theater, a large waterfront art market, workshops, and a special day for children. There are evening concerts, Music on the Beach, Artisan Market, Art Gallery, Children’s Day, Hands-on Workshops, and so much more.

Most of the activities are free or by donation, while others are ticketed. Concerts take place outdoors by the waterfront. Each evening, there is a live performance of some kind at the Harrison Memorial Hall, located at 290 Esplanade Avenue. Come out and enjoy the festival.

14. Natural Cheeses

For those who love to visit local businesses, make sure you go to this family-run enterprise. Established in 2003, The Farm House Natural Cheeses produces handmade artisan cheeses and specialties from the rich, fresh whole milk of the farm’s dairy cows and goats.

Everything is made right on their farm in British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley. You can purchase from a wide selection of handmade cheeses, cultured butter, traditional Greek-style yogurt, signature buttermilk, and freshly bottled cow and goat milk. Come out and try one of the amazing cheeses.

Not enough time to drive to Agassiz? You can now order through their new online shop. Build your own cheese box and have it delivered right to your door.

15. Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours
© Librico Tours

For those who would prefer visiting this beautiful area from above, why not create your own tour with Librico Helicopter Tours? Their website states, “We take you places most people won’t get a chance to see in their lifetime. We don’t give tours – we craft experiences that create deep connections with the land, its history, and the wonders of nature.”

They are there to help you create your once-in-a-lifetime experience, or you can choose one of their eight experiences.


For those who want to get back to nature for a day or more, Harrison Hot Springs is the ideal place to visit. Each season will offer you an assortment of opportunities to experience.

Whether you love swimming, hiking, kayaking, or just relaxing, Harrison is the perfect place to unwind and marvel at the beauty of nature.


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