Last Updated on February 11, 2024

Want to explore Canada? Considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you’ll never fun out of places to visit that will delight the senses. 

Fact: Canada is the second largest country in the world, so the land is vast and abundant, which means there’s plenty to do and see.

Niagara Falls

There are some places that are just must-sees in your life and Niagara Falls is one of them. No doubt the most famous waterfall in the world, Niagara is simply a sight to behold in real life. Yes, it’s busy, and yes, it’s full of tourists, but it’s worth the trip to view this beauty up close in all its majesty.

The Canada side of the falls is pretty spectacular even if you’ve been to the US side.


Lake Louise - Banff, AB
©Kim Jackson

Heading over to Alberta, you can’t go past Banff National Park for a surreal Canadian park experience. Banff is set in the Rockies just outside of Calgary, and there are plenty of winter sports activities on offer here including skiing, skating, and mountain hiking. The range of things to do is only rivalled by its natural beauty. Banff is a busy place so make sure to book in your activities in advance to get the slot you want. 


Inukshuk at the top of Whistler Peak in British Columbia, Canada, with snow, blue sky, white clouds and mountains in the distance
Inukshuk at the top of Whistler Peak in British Columbia, Canada, with snow, blue sky, white clouds and mountains in the distance. Photo by Deposit Photos.

If skiing or snowboarding is your main ticket item for your trip then there’s no better place to head to than Whistler. With plenty of accommodation on offer and only an hour and a half’s drive from Vancouver, it’s easy to access and get settled in quickly so that you can make it up the mountain faster. Can anyone say snow weekender? 

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is a huge park where you can get plenty of hiking in, taking in the sights of this picturesque landscape. Jasper is located about five hours drive from Calgary airport, so you’ll need a car to trip out to this location. Pyramid Lake, one of Canada’s most stunning lakes, is also located in Jasper National Park and is a must-see. 


Beautiful view of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Beautiful view of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Deposit Photos.

Those who appreciate a good city will be captivated by Vancouver, which is a cosmopolitan cosmopolis, but still has access to some of the wonders of Canada’s natural beauty. There’s plenty to munch on, and museums to visit, like any bigger international destination. Don’t miss a walk through Stanley Park when you’re visiting. 

Prince Edward Island

Who can resist an island getaway? Prince Edward Island delivers in spaces if you’re looking for sprawling shorelines, tasty seafood meals, and wildlife spotting. The island is known for its rich historical houses, which you can wander around and tour at your own leisure. You can access Prince Edward Island by jumping on the ferry from Nova Scotia. 


Bleu Lavande, Quebec.

If you want a touch of France without leaving North America, then Quebec is the number one spot to visit. From baguettes and pate to champagne and culture, Quebec is just bristling with all the best of French influence. Investigate art galleries and small bars, or just go for a long leisurely walk along the Terrasse Dufferin. 

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy literally has fun in the name, and you don’t have to worry because this destination delivers! Situated along the coast of New Brunswick, the Bay of Fundy boasts amazing rock formations, dinosaur exploration, plus the largest ever tides in the world, which is truly something to behold. 


Montreal Canadiens Sports Arena
©Kathleen Messmer

Another city on our list is the ever-effervescent Montreal. This French city comes in at number nine on our list thanks to its diversity and rich personality. Must-sees in the city include the city center’s Old Montréal, full of historical relevance, the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Montréal Botanical Garden. 

Cape Breton Island

Located in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island shows off some of the best that Canadian nature has to offer. Think gorgeous cliffs, a town center of Sydney, fishing villages aplenty, and even whale watching. One of the best spots on the island to explore is the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, where the Cabot Trail beckons hikers of all skill levels. Pack a tent or hire one from one of the many shops catering to tourists who are looking to hike the 26 different trails on offer.