19 Best Things to Do in Salto, Uruguay

|   Last Updated on March 30, 2020

One of the tourist havens of Uruguay is the city of Salto. It’s the second-largest city and located along the border of Argentina. This green city serves an important role in the countries’ tourism status as it has some of the best attractions and picturesque spots in the country.

Aside from this, you can taste the best orange and tangerine juice in your life.

Here are the best things to do in Salto that you can’t miss trying:

1. Acuamania Water Park

The first and foremost hot spring aqua park in South America. It is 8 km away from the city center. The aqua park boasts of its safe and well-constructed entertainment activities made by the same contractor of Disney and Wet’ n wild parks.

It features several amenities, including food courts, kiosks, boutiques, lockers, internet, and phones, changing rooms, and free mod cons (chairs, tables & umbrellas).

Most kids will love this place as it offers big pools with slides, inflatables, and pool fountains. There are also interactive games conducted by the staff that every child can join.

What makes this aqua park unique is that it is suitable for adults as well. They have pool massage that can give therapeutic benefits to the body.

Address: Termas del Daymán, Salto Department, Uruguay

Website: http://www.acuamania.com.uy/

2. Plaza Artigas

The right place where you can sit and relax. It’s an open space with big palm trees and park benches around. For Uruguayan families, it’s where they spend quality time with each other. Across the plaza, you can find a cathedral built ages ago.

If you prefer walking around, you can find a big fountain at the center of the plaza. It looks appealing and refreshing in the eyes.

You can also find several statues that symbolize the history of Salto. They have intricate designs and perfectly sculpted.

During the weekends, there are bargains along the plaza where you can buy cheap jewelry and clothes.

Address: Artigas 1162, 50000 Salto, Departamento de Salto, Uruguay

3. Parque Aquatico (Termas de Salto Grande)

A waterpark for all ages. It claims to be the most fun waterpark in Salto. It is suitable for families or groups longing to experience a variety of water activities. It is located 15 minutes away from the city center and open for accommodations all year round.

The waterpark best attractions are spring-like slides, giant waterfalls, slow river, large pools, massage showers, and a pool for children designed with castles, hammocks, and games.

When it comes to their services, they provide bus service and parking space for travelers. They also have a mini-mart where you can buy essentials as well as a restaurant to savor a wide variety of Uruguayan foods.

Parque Aquatico has a thermal pool with artificial beach waves that will give you a perfect island beach vibe.

Address: Parque del Lago s / n, Salto Grande, Uruguay

Website: http://www.parqueaquatico.com.uy/inicio-1Salto Municipal Zoo

4. Salto Municipal Zoo

Have a personal encounter with some wild animals in Salto Municipal zoo. It accommodates 450 animals, both native and exotic species. You can visit here for free and it’s open all year to the public.

These animals are living comfortably in their homes or cages. The facilities are well-maintained by the staff. It’s clean and equip to take care of the animals. The town municipality provides food support and hires workers to keep the area working.

Here, you can meet lions, zebras, tigers, and other wild animals. You can take a close picture or have the privilege to touch them if permitted by the staff.

You can also see many trees and friendly people to learn about animal welfares.

Address: Av. Juan Harriague, 50000 Salto, Departamento de Salto, Uruguay

Website: https://www.salto.gub.uy/resultado-busqueda/item/401-zoologico-municipal

5. Casa de Lamas

Taste the best Uruguayan dishes at Casa de Lamas. The restaurant settled at an old building constructed in the 19th century. From the outside, you can notice its classic architecture made from bricks and stones. The owner was able to preserve the building’s original style.

As you step inside, you will be fascinated by its interior design. The brick walls complement the black painted windows. The tables are well spaced-out and present an organized setup.

The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of dish choices. You can have a full course meal that perfectly matches Uruguay’s Tannat wine.

The rustic atmosphere will take your gastronomy experience into another level.

Address: Chiazzaro 20, Salto 50000 Uruguay

6. Termas del Dayman

A great place to gratify your holistic wellness. For an affordable price, you can relieve stress and relax your body under the thermal pools and hot springs. You can choose among the four levels of temperature, depending on your body heat tolerance. All of them offer therapeutic ailments and promote regular blood circulation.

You can stand under the shower and experience an instant back massage as the water pressure hits your back. It can give a natural waterfall feeling.

Other than soaking in the water, you can’t miss sitting on the grass and wait for the magnificent view of the sunset.

Termas del Dayman can make you feel brand new.

Address: Ruta 3, Km. 487, Salto 50000, Uruguay

Website: http://www.termasdayman.com/

7. Museo del Hombre y la Tecnologia

A museum dedicated to exhibit the evolution of technology around the world, especially in Uruguay. In the 19th century, the building was a Central market and replaced by the museum in later years.

The museum has 11 sections. The chronological order of the rooms displays the innovation upstairs of the technologies. In the center area, you can look at some events exposing the drastic change in man’s life after several discoveries and modernization.

As you walk through the museum, you will find many archeological artifacts found 2,000 years ago at Salto Grande dam.

Visitors are not allowed to touch the collections, but you can look closer.

Address: Brasil y Zorrilla de San Martín, (50000), Salto, Salto

Website: https://www.welcomeuruguay.com/salto/museum-man-technology.html

8. Gruta del Padre Pio

A religious site where you can find inner peace. It is usually a busy area as it attracts many tourists and the local people of Uruguay. Before you see the famous statue of Padre Pio, you need to walk along the trails and climb up a hill. It has self-guided interpretative panels for tourists.

It has a space covered in green grasses. You can take a short rest under the big trees. If you have long enough time, you can stay longer and appreciate the quietness of the area. It has a light atmosphere that can give you total relaxation.

As soon as you reach the top, you can look at the statue and say a little prayer. Most people say it’s worth visiting. It’s the perfect place to meditate and breathe some fresh air.

Address: Paysandú Department, Uruguay

9. Salto Casino and Hotel

Spend a night at Salto Casino and hotel. Check-in at their 4-star hotel. The facilities are first class and updated. Their standard room is wide enough to accommodate two people. The beds are comfortable, and the place is well-lighted.

Maximize your stay by playing at the casino. It offers a world-class entertainment comparably to Los Angeles casinos. The fun in this place is exceptional, and if you’re lucky enough, you can win and take home money.

Around the hotel, you can visit the Vivo pub. It caters to a wide variety of foods and drinks. There is a live music show serenading every customer while eating.

If you prefer eating outside, go to their Coffee and Bar restaurant. Take a sit on the deck and admire the panoramic view of Plaza Artigas.

Address: 25 Agosto 05, Salto 50000, Uruguay

Website: https://saltohotelcasino.com/

10. Iglesia Catedral de San Juan, Salto

Make time to visit Iglesia Catedral de San Juan. It is one of the prides of Salto. Constructed in 1889 and was once visited by Pope John Paul II. The building has an archaic appearance. In front, you can find some trees and flowering plants. The church has black grills gated around the building.

As you look around, you can notice its architectural elements. The pillars and columns are firm. The walls are painted in white, making it look neat and clean. The doors are sturdy and made from hardwood.

Inside the church, there are murals of saints and a bronze crucifix hanging at the center podium. The altar is two steps higher on the surface. A table-mounted at the center has a white cover. The round chandelier pulled up by four silver chains lights up the spot.

The church has several chapels around. Each has an altar, and one of them won a prize at a Religious Art Exhibit in Paris in 1930.

Address: De Agosto 25, Salto 50000, Uruguay

11. Best Dorado Fishing

Catch some fishes at the Uruguay river. Best Dorado fishing will make it easier for you. Families and group travelers are welcome in this place. They provide fishing equipment and boats for your convenience. You can stay half or a full day. There are qualified professionals to guide your way and assure safety.

If you will stay overnight, Best Dorado Fishing offers lodge accommodation. At night, you can look at the outside view of the area as it has glass walls. There’s also a hammock at the deck where you can watch the sunset.

Don’t miss to have a bonfire night. Grill some barbeque and marshmallows. There are tables and a fire pit. You can chill and relax as you watch the stars in the sky.

Address: Chacra de Marcelo F.Alteri, Salto, Departamento de Salto, Uruguay

Website: https://www.bestdoradofishing.com/

12. Termas del Arapey

Soak under the thermal pools of Termas del Arapey. It is located right by the river. It serves fun and leisure opportunities all year round. You can visit alone and in groups. Spending time here will make an impact on your mental and body health.

The weather here is perfect for a vacation. It’s sunny but not too hot. But for unexpected rains, you can still enjoy swimming because they have closed pool areas.

Around the area, there are available hotels, apartments, or cabins to check-in. All of them have well-established facilities and amenities.

There are several restaurants that you can visit. If you want to taste national and international foods, you can eat at La Goleta restaurant. You can also eat whatever you want at the buffet mode of Dionisio restaurant. At Paradise restaurant, they serve home-made food.

Address: Rio Arapey Grande | 80 km north of Salto city, Salto 50000, Uruguay

Website: http://www.termasarapey.com/

13. Museo Maria Irene Olarreaga Gallino

It is also known as Gallino Palace. Created in 1945 to showcase the fine arts of Salto in Public. It was an old house donated by couple Luis J. Armstrong and María Irene Olarreaga Gallino. In 1999, the museum became a National Historic Landmark.

The building was not as big as other museums, but it is full of antiques and paintings. Entering the museum will take you back from the ancient days. The architectural design has both American and European styles.

Take a picture of the books hanging on the wall. The folded leaves make it very attractive. Around the corner, there is an old piano. You can also see several statues and old plates. The ceiling has glass windows shining when directly hit by the sunlight.

Address: Uruguay 1067, Salto 50000, Uruguay

Website: http://www.museos.gub.uy/index.php/museos/museos-por-localidad/salto/item/104-museo-maria-irene-olarreaga-gallino

14. Larrañaga Theater Museum

The theater museum stands a role in the history of Salto. The building has been preserved and taken care of by the Municipality. It has exhibition halls

displaying historical objects and cultural space dating from the late 19th century.

As you walk inside, the first thing that will catch your attention is the center stage. It has a sophisticated design. The red curtains give a strong

impression, and you can imagine how great artists perform at this place.

The ambiance of the building is thrilling. There are many chairs to accommodate visitors. If you look at the ceiling, you will be amazed by the painted murals depicting stories.

Address: Joaquin Suarez 39, Salto 50000, Uruguay

Website: http://museos.gub.uy/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=103:museo-del-teatro-larra%C3%83%C2%B1aga

15. Cantera El Terrible

A place where you can do scuba diving. The spot is quiet, and they provide diving suits and equipment. At the bottom, you can find an old car that serves as the main target of every diver. It is said to be worth reaching.

The staffs are very accommodating. They help the tourists to have the best diving experience without compromising their safety.

There are changing rooms and space to rest after diving. They have regular customers that keep coming back as it is a training ground for starters.

Address: Cantera El terrible – Salto, Uruguay

16. La Trattoria

An Italian restaurant in a two-story building made from stone and wood. It is old, proving its business stability for many years. Every day many tourists and locals eat at this place. It presents a home-like atmosphere.

They serve enough portions of meals to their customers. The menu list contains a lot of dish choices. There are available tables outside with big umbrellas. You can drink some wine and watch the people pass by.

The restaurant offers a late-night dinner menu. Their beef is top-notched.

Address: 754, Salto 50000, Uruguay

17. Agua Clara Thermal Park

Rest and pleasure yourself at Agua Clara Thermal Park. Spend the best of your trip, restoring your vitality and beauty. Thermal water is proven to cure muscular conditions, traumatisms, rheumatism, and skin diseases. Agua Clara assures quality as it promotes high mineralization content.

The facility has four large pools and one for children. The water temperature ranges from 38-41 degrees, just right for the body.

For children, they can play in their sports and games area. Volleyball and soccer courts on sand are available.

At night, the pools are well-lighted. You can comfortably swim and relax.

Address: Circunvalacion Dayman S/N, Termas del Dayman 50000, Uruguay

Website: http://www.serviciomutuo.org.uy/parque-termal-agua-clara/

18. Hydroelectric Dam of Salto Grande

Promoted by the Municipality of Salto. The Hydroelectric dam is the start of integration in Latin America. It was established by the teamwork of two countries (Uruguay and Argentina).

Take a day tour at the dam. Some guides explain each part of the area. Before you start to walk around, the guides will ask you to watch a video clip of summarized historical events upon constructing the dam.

You can learn about the close ties between Argentina and Uruguay. Both countries save millions of money through the help of this dam.

Children are allowed if guided with adults.

Address: ‎Concordia‎; ‎Salto

19. La Caldera

The best restaurant to eat steak and barbeque. The building has a primitive style. Mostly made of bricks and wood. The tables have red and white cover. It looks very romantic for couples. The chandeliers match the antique decors of the restaurant.

The dishes are promising. Other than steaks and barbeques, they also serve desserts and a wide selection of wine.

La Caldera shines brighter at night.

Last Updated on March 30, 2020


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