12 Best Things to Do in Paysandu, Uruguay

|   Last Updated on March 30, 2020

Looking for an ideal place to visit? Do you want to take a vacation but unsure what to do? Then visiting Paysandu, Uruguay may be just for you!

Whether you want to take a trip with your family to water slides, parks, or for sightseeing, Paysandu will be the place to go. Even if you only want to take a trip by yourself to visit museums or beaches, then this list could complete the type of vacation on your mind.

1. Acuamania Water Park

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If you want to spend the day outdoors, the Acumania Water Park should be a go to! It is filled with water slides, tubes, pools, and fun water rides. There is also places to relax, chat, and purchase food when you need a break from the many activities.

This isn’t just a water park for adults either, children of all ages can participate and enjoy themselves with the family. Don’t fret over little details about where to change either since there are areas and places to shower when you are all done!

In short: a beautiful park with so many options that everyone will have to do something!

2. Casa de Cultura

Located in Nuevo Paysandu, Casa de Cultura is a great place to see some of the city’s history. If you love learning about the different types of architectures, paintings, culture, music and art, then why not give this place a look?

There are areas to perform arts, crafts, listen to and perform music and test musical instruments. Navigating through this place will be no problem as it has large hallways to pick the rooms you want to view first!

If you need help with questions, the pleasant staff will help or guide you throughout Casa de Cultura.

3. Plaza Constitucion

What do you get when you combine sightseeing and history? You get Plaza Constitucion. Right in the center of the city, this rich and historic building respects the military of Spanish culture.

With countless military people to learn about, it is an important memory of history for those who want to learn about the heroes of this culture. With sights of statues, plaques, plates, fountains and more has a touch of a unique and traditional feel from the past century.

It has areas to rest, trees for shade, and lovely sights to see. Not to mention the souvenirs that will attract your attention!

4. Playa Honda

Looking for a beach to get all you desire? Then Playa Honda is where you should go – a popular beach in Paysandu. Get away from whatever stress may be on your mind and enjoy the relaxation this beach can provide.

With areas to swim as much as you want, places to sun tan, many beautiful views, and shady environments, you will get the most out of this as a tourist. It also has a hostel with cheap prices and sitting areas to eat outdoors.

5. Grotto of Padre Pio

Want to take part in a soul searching journey? If landscape, a grotto, and a place to worship is something you need, Grotto of Padre Pio will be the place for you.

With areas to walk and sightsee, it can be a helpful and fun visiting site to read quotes on stones or statues. Music plays through these walks as you can look for spiritual healing in your journey throughout the grotto. There are places you can visit for calm environments and be at peace. If religious, you can also pray and enjoy the nature that surrounds the grotto.

6. Estancia Termal San Nicanor

If you are wanting to travel to Paysandu then a hotel is what you need. One of the best hotels in the city is Estancia Termal San Nicanor. With free-WiFi you can travel and work in this resort. Restaurants are nearby and has food service within the hotel if you do not want to go out too far.

There are swimming areas and gardens to view or walk through. Excellent room service is provided. Hot springs are around the area if you get tired of swimming or prefer to sit by a hot spring instead.

With a high 7.9 star rating and so many different activities to partake in, this is definitely a pleasant stay for tourists around.

7. Museo Historico

If history dated back to the late 1800s is something you love learning about, the Museo Historico is the place to go! All knowledge and history of the city begins to fill the room once stepping inside.

The list of cultural history goes from ancient antiques, weapons displayed, statues of people, architecture, stunning images, furniture, and fashionable dishes to view. If you have any questions about the artifacts and items in the museum, there is paper by each items to describe what it is and the year it was made in.

With fascinating history, it can be something interesting to do in the city so make sure to stop by!

8. Plaza Artigas

Have an itch for a popular sightseeing spot that is in Uruguay? Because Plaza Artigas is just what you may be looking for.

Located in the downtown area and easy to find, it has a variety of festivities to do if you are into that sort of thing. This can range from different shops, water fountains, many restaurants, churches, statues, and gorgeous views.

It is a plaza that is safe for all ages and families to visit. Or, if you simply want to rest and watch people nearby and chat with friends, there are benches and sitting areas to do so. It has a mix of activities to do so you would not want to miss out on it.

9. Dona Maruja

No matter what place you want to travel, whether to a beach or sightseeing resort, every person needs to eat. That is why the Dona Maruja is a popular restaurant in the area, especially for tourists.

Serving both lunch and dinner, the options you can order can be American and European entrees to local foods.

The list includes meats, fries, burgers, sandwiches, pork, prunes, salads for tourists to enjoy familiar foods. With ice cream and cake desserts, it will compliment any meal you have. (The restaurant is vegetarian friendly and provides gluten-free options.)

With friendly staff that will help you pick the perfect order for you, you will not need to worry about what to eat for any local foods either. The atmosphere is pleasant and has the best environment for you to get accustomed with the area!

10. Paysandu Shopping Terminal

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Traveling to Paysandu and wondering where to buy things? The place that should be on any tourists minds can be this shopping terminal in the city.

This terminal is a shopping heaven if you need to purchase things. From major sponsors like Sketchers, Abitab, Cellular Center, Sport City, Zenit, and more, you can visit so many stores to simply shop all around in the same building.

And if you get hungry, they have fast food places such as Subway and Burger King in the environment as well. It includes sports options, stores to grocery shop, and animal pet shops to browse through (even options to get cash out via ATM machines!).

The terminal is spacious and has enough room view at your own expense. There are many benches for places to sit and eat when you get tired from your walk. What is more convenient than a store that has it all?

11. Termas de Guaviyu

Want to know of an amazing recreational place to give a shot? Perhaps the Termas de Guaviyu will be it!

As a high rated complex, it can be a perfect travel spot for swimming and having a good time. Other activities include fishing, boating, and biking. It even has walking areas for residents.

It brings an excellent selection instead of being narrowed down to only swimming – that all tourists can enjoy. With helpful staff, beautiful sights, and a place to relax, this is an ideal location to stop by with the family.

12. Cementerio de Paysandu

Love seeing ancient, yet stunning sculptures? How about being able to witness different graves and the architecture that it is made of? Look no further as this is a place with just with that.

A simple glance at the outside of the cemetery will catch your eye. Religious undertones and praying sculptures make it evident of the culture involved. Once inside, you can view the monuments, passionate stories, and symbols displayed throughout the cemetery.

Tour guides are available to understand what each stone represents, persons involved, or to simply know more about the history of the place itself. Not only can you become familiar with the culture, but it can be a wonderful sight to see from the architecture alone.

Last Updated on March 30, 2020


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