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You hold your breath and gaze with amazement at the first sighting of these gentle marine behemoths. There is something truly awe-inspiring about whale watching from Dana Point. These denizens of the deep, so giant and mysterious, intrigue us like no other creature on the planet.

Dana Point in Southern California is renowned as the “Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World.” This picturesque beach town sports a fabulous natural harbor. Located in Orange County along the Pacific Coast between Los Angeles and San Diego, it is a haven for surfers, beach bums, and yes, whale watching from Dana Point.

How important is whale-watching to Dana Point? 

This iconic SoCal community was the first destination in the U.S. honored as a Whale Heritage Site by the World Cetacean Alliance.

Whale Watching Dana Point, California

The waters off Dana Point host a variety of marine life, but the stars of the show are the whales themselves. Gray, Humpback, Blue, Fin, and Minke whales regularly ply these waters, with Gray Whales and Humpbacks the most common.

Gray whale season runs from November through April when more than 20,000 gray whales up to 65-feet long make an incredible 12,000-mile migration from the nutrient-rich waters of Alaska to warm waters off Baja Mexico.

They gather, feed, mate, and reproduce in these safe southern seas. Dana Point sits right along this well-traveled route, offering a spectacular opportunity to watch these massive migrating creatures.

Whale watching from Dana Point you can spot humpback whales any time of year. Weighing up to 40-tons, these massive whales can filter up to 3,000 pounds of krill and small fish per day through plates of baleen that stretch enormously from the top of their upper jaw. 

Humpback whales are a delight to watch in action. Not shy, they also often put on an impressive acrobatic surface show by breaching, pectoral slapping, and lobtailing – lifting their tails high out of the water as they descend back into the depths. They are perhaps the best showmen of all the large cetaceans.

Blue whale season runs later in the year, from May to November. Blue Whales are the largest animals on the planet, growing up to 100-feet-long and weighing up to 200 tons. Seeing one up close is an unforgettable experience.

Their close cousins and second largest whales, Fin whales, and the smaller Minke whales are year-round visitors to the waters off Dana Point.

Frolicking dolphins, usually gathered in pods of anywhere from half a dozen to hundreds, depending on the species, are commonly seen around the whale-watching and fishing boats. Their presence is of no surprise since Southern California waters have more dolphins per square mile than anywhere else in the world with an estimated 450,000 calling this stretch of the Pacific home.

Dana Wharf Whale Watching and Sportfishing

Ocean Adventure Heading Out for Whale Watching Dana Point.
Ocean Adventure Heading Out for Whale Watching Dana Point. Photo by Michael Kompanik

While there are other whale-watching companies in Dana Point, my wife’s and my favorite is Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching. Located on the Dana Harbor Wharf, this seasoned whale watching company has over 50 years’ experience entertaining excited tourists and locals on board its well-equipped catamarans on the open Pacific waters in search of whales.

The company’s top-selling trip is a two-hour whale and dolphin cruise aboard the Ocean Adventure, a luxury eco-friendly catamaran with a raised EYE-SPY viewing platform. This allows enough time for the boat captain to ply the waters and search for whales and other marine life.

Whale Watching from Dana Point cruises depart the harbor daily with numerous booking times available.

Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching also offers both group and private charters. A few times each year they provide an 8-hour, Ultimate Whale Watch as well as a combined whale watching/sportfishing tour.

Dana Point Sportfishing & Whale Watching Dana Point

What makes Dana Wharf Whale Watching and Sportfishing enterprise so special is the captain and crew are extremely experienced and knowledgeable about all the region’s marine life. They display charts of sea creatures we might see and share in-depth information on their behaviors.

We have also enjoyed other tours with them in which the crew was accompanied by an expert marine naturalist who could provide further insight into the fascinating lives of the sea life we observed.

Everyone involved with Dana Wharf Whale Watching and Sportfishing is professional and engaging, interacting with the tour boat passengers and encouraging questions.

In order to maximize the number and frequency of whale and marine life encounters, the whale watching captains’ network on the radio sharing information with other boats so everyone has an opportunity to view these magnificent creatures.

Accommodations are comfortable with plenty of seating areas in the spacious catamaran fore and aft. Food, drink, snacks and even alcoholic beverages are available for purchase to quell the hungry and thirsty on board. Passengers are gracious in sharing viewing spots so everyone gets a chance to glimpse the marine life and snap pictures.

But trust me, you are not going to want to sit.

Whale Watching near Dana Point, California

Gray Whale Fluke.
Gray Whale Fluke. Photo courtesy of Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching

We’ve been privileged to take many whale watching trips with this company. On our very first adventure, we quickly spotted two spouts in the distance that the captain headed toward. We were treated to a spectacular view of an immense tail emerging from the water and a massive Fin Whale diving once again into the depths.

It was a breathtaking sight. We were hooked!

On that first trip whale watching from Dana Point and others, we’ve viewed the majesty of a Blue Whale, several Fin Whales, and a host of Gray and playful Humpbacks. Innumerable dolphins have followed our vessels, including the bottlenose, and those fabulous acrobats, the spinner dolphins, who leap completely out of the water and spin 360-degrees in mid-air.

We have also been blessed to see sea lions, sea turtles, rays, and even a mola-mola, the enormous oddly-shaped sun fish.  

Pelicans and other seafaring birds identify where the fish are, and where there are fish, there is other marine life – including whales. Naturalists have also reported seeing mako, hammerhead, and great white sharks that are common in these waters. So, every trip is a different experience.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Only once on a less than ideal day near the end of the main whale-watching season did we strike out. But Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching guarantees whale-spotting so they graciously provide their passengers free return tickets with dates of their choosing.

Whale-watching tours from Dana Point provide more experiences to see these amazing, gentle giants than anywhere else in the world.

Add in the natural beauty of the Southern California coast, the magnificent natural harbor, and the stunning waters of the Pacific and you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

I know.


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