What is Real Estate Trend Alert?

|   Last Updated on October 8, 2020

In short, it’s a fantastic way to save big on overseas real estate…get the best deals delivered straight to your inbox…and discover the strategies you should use to make money when you’re buying a home overseas.

It’s a service that works whether you’re an investor, or if you’re looking for your dream retirement home or a vacation getaway that will make you the envy of friends and family…

Real Estate Trend Alert was founded by Ronan McMahon in 2008. Ronan’s a seasoned real estate investor. He started in his hometown of Cork, Ireland…before branching out into overseas investing.

That leap isn’t the easiest thing to do. Buying in your own back yard comes with built-in advantages. You have an infrastructure of people you know and can rely on, from emergency plumbers to rental managers. Plus, you have a very good handle on the local market.

But there are good reasons for expanding your horizons.

There’s money to be made in real estate from once-in-a-lifetime transformations. Thing is, you might get lucky and come across that once in your lifetime in your home market. Make your beat global, and you can play those once-in-a-lifetime transformations over and over again in different markets…

Ronan founded Real Estate Trend Alert to share his knowledge and experience with readers and members. And, he doesn’t just bring them the theory—the time-tested strategies and intel that help you determine if a potential deal stacks up. He also brings members hot-off-the-presses, actionable deals.

In one Caribbean locale, for example, the beaches are gorgeous. Silky-soft sand that’s cool to the touch, fringed by palm trees, washed by turquoise waves. It’s picture perfect, and an Instagram favorite. This spot is also home to unspoiled jungle and wildlife, ancient ruins and modern amenities (shopping and gourmet dining).

Real Estate Trend Alert members could buy luxury two-bed two-bath condos in this emerging Caribbean destination in October 2017 for $154,500. One of those condos sold in Spring 2020 for $225,000—$70,500 more. 

If the Caribbean doesn’t float your boat, how about a glittering capital city, studded with skyscrapers, surrounded by rainforest and the Pacific Ocean? This metropolis has great infrastructure and a fun nightlife. In an exclusive, desirable neighborhood with a golf course and country club, Real Estate Trend Alert members could buy luxe condos with potential gains of $257,800 . That’s more than the condo cost to buy…

here are some other recent deals Real Estate Trend Alert members could act on:

  • A lake-view house with a covered deck set in 1.75-acres, for only $135,000.
  • Single-family homes surrounded by a vineyard on Portugal’s Algarve for €133,000.
  • A stunning house with wide Pacific views, six bedrooms and bathrooms—and a price tag of only $299,000. (That’s almost $500,000 less than its original list price.)
  • In a quiet corner of Costa Rica that’s fast becoming a hot spot for tourists and second-home buyers, lots for only $20,000!
  • Condos on Spain’s Costa del Sol for under €100,000.

The deals are just part of what Real Estate Trend Alert members get.

They also get the inside scoop on the strategies some of the wealthiest names in real estate have used to profit…Ronan’s insights, tips and travel notes…a monthly Issue…a members-only website with books, reports and an archive of alerts, videos and podcasts.

Here’s what some members have to say about Real Estate Trend Alert:

“Insightful and intriguing. Excellent information about specific locations”. J. Schindler .

“Costa Rica, Spain and Tulum have all been fun and informative . I expect to continue on many new ventures and explorations . Love it All”—Scott C .

“Ronan brings forward good opportunities in various locales at good prices”.—B.L.

If you’re a straight-up investor looking for the best deals…or dreaming of a starting a new life overseas, Real Estate Trend Alert is your best resource for real estate insight, analysis and deals from all over the world. Find out how you can become a member here.

Last Updated on October 8, 2020