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|   Last Updated on January 12, 2021 is delighted to offer a Real Estate Trend Alert Coupon Code. If you’re interested in real estate overseas…whether for investment, retirement, or you’re just looking for a place in the sun…don’t miss this offer.

Real Estate Trend Alert has agreed to an exciting deal for readers.

You get at least 20% off the cost of a regular Real Estate Trend Alert subscription. As a bonus, you also get a free e-book plus two free reports when you buy a subscription.

What’s included in the Real Estate Trend Alert Discount

BEST DEAL! You get at least 20% off the regular price for a one-year membership of Real Estate Trend Alert.

You’ll also get a regular monthly Issue, jam-packed with profit-making ideas, in-depth market analysis, specific investment opportunities and much more.

When an opportunity is so big and urgent it can’t wait for your monthly issue, you’ll get a Flash Alert—typically these are a single condo or home or piece of land, with such a big discount they’re a steal…a blink-and-you-miss-it opportunity that will be snapped up quickly.

You’ll get Updates, too, with timely and valuable real estate investing insights.

And, of course, access to the members-only website which is a treasure trove of tips and strategies on how to profit from overseas real estate.

Your Free Bonus Goodies
When You Buy a Subscription!

reta bundle

  • Bonus #1: Free E-Book! Ronan McMahon’s Profit Principle. Discover the seven hottest real estate markets around the world, where you’ll love spending time…and where your second home can generate strong capital gains and rental returns!
  • Bonus #2: How to Boost Your Rental Income Anywhere in the World. The difference between making $1,000 per month or $2,000 per month in rental income could be down to something you’d least expect. This report gives you the real skinny on maximizing your rental returns.
  • Bonus #3: How to Get Portugal’s Golden Visa with Profitable Real Estate. The ultra-rich are spending huge sums to get second passports and all the benefits that come with them. But getting a second passport in Portugal can actually make you money. This report reveals all!

Last Updated on January 12, 2021


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