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|   Last Updated on March 11, 2021

They have been helping people discover the world’s best places to retire for over four decades…

We scanned through International Living’s reviews and were astonished by the feedback they’ve received from their customers over the last few years.

Here’s a few examples of what customers had to say about them:

international living 5 star reviews

I started receiving the International Living magazine several years ago when I began thinking about an early retirement. At that time, I was primarily interested in exploring international travel. The articles peaked my interest in the possibility of retiring oversees. Then I attended some of International Living’s conferences.

The information gathered from those conferences was invaluable. I learned about the good and not so good about many countries from International Living experts, who travel and live in those countries, and from expats who have already made the move.

I made contacts with in-country lawyers, tax experts, insurance experts, and real estate agents. Even got a step-by-step list of things to do to prepare for a move oversees. Now, I am living in a beachfront condo with panoramic views in beautiful Costa Rica. Best decision I ever made.

Dennis Love
international living 5 star reviews

I’ve been a happy subscriber for many years and credit IL for sparking the fire in me to pursue my dreams of traveling and hopefully retiring abroad next year when I leave the traditional work force- at the young old age of 62.

The spell- binding articles, photos, and country by country statistics has continuously helped me to narrow down my focus and start my “boots- on- the -ground” research . Thank you IL for all you do.

Russel Greene
international living 5 star reviews

I have been a subscriber to IL for 17 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful articles on many exciting travel destinations around the globe. The articles are written by seasoned travelers many of whom live in the countries about which they write.

Anyone who is interested in learning about a possible travel destination, or is considering retiring to their dream retirement location, will benefit from the in depth research of the magazine! You cannot go wrong subscribing to International Living magazine!!

Gerry Nannen
international living 5 star reviews

I discovered International living in May of 2014 and signed up for the daily post cards and from there my journey began. I knew I wanted to retire in Italy or Spain, so when IL offered the complete books on Italy and Spain I bought them both, to compare the 2 country’s and see exactly what the difference between them was.

Also to see what it would mean for me as an Expat. The information provided was unbelievable it made it so easy for me to make a decision on which country I wanted to retire in. It was so through and complete answering all of my questions and leading me to other things that I would need to know and do to make it happen.

By July of 15 I had purchased a 2 BR 2 Bath condo in the City Centre of Alicante!! Turned out to be a great investment at a reasonable cost. I put it on all major vacation rental sites and have been doing fantastic. I owe it all to IL for getting me there.

Joey Alfano
international living 5 star reviews

I get first hand, boots on the ground information and tips from experienced travelers. I would have never dreamed of visiting, let alone consider living in many of the locations I’ve read about in International Living. My horizons have been expanded and I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained. Thank you IL for the great stories and descriptions of the people and their culture as well as how to you can make a new home in one of many wonderful places.

Greg Franklin
international living 5 star reviews

International Living provides tremendous insight into the possibilities of living overseas. Articles are informative, contributors are individuals who are living the experience and offered programs provide solid information about how to relocate overseas. Each month’s magazine is like a world journey to new and interesting places. Their postcards provide a glimpse into live in foreign locations and whet the appetite to give it a try. It’s all good!!!

Joel Schindler
international living 5 star reviews

Great magazine, invaluable information. Most people in US think of themselves constrained to retirement in US. But this magazine offers the cheaper solution of at least spending some time abroad, where living expenses and health insurance are much cheaper.

They have people in various countries in the world that give a very accurate impression on how life is in different countries and especially how life is as a retired person, not a tourist which is very different

Valentin Maier
international living 5 star reviews

International Living has truly inspired me toward a whole new paradigm and dream of living outside of the United States in the near future. I love how the articles are all short and easy to read and learn about so many different places in the world. It’s fun to read about the experience of others who have moved to different parts of the world…just what I want to do!

I can get on an airplane and read concise articles about places I know nothing about, and it opens my mind, my heart and the possibilities for my future.

IL has also turned me onto RETA (Real Estate Trend Alert), which has further inspired me to invest overseas, and feel safe and sound about it! Lastly, the watercolor paintings and other illustrations throughout the magazine inspire every month. IL is literally my favorite monthly publication to read and recommend to others. Thank you IL!!

June Turnbull
international living 5 star reviews

I subscribed to the International Living newsletter in 1979 or 1980 when it was literally a newsletter that came folded in an envelope every month. Since I was in the military and moving frequently I dropped my subscription after a year or so but resubscribed and became a lifetime member several years ago after retiring and settling down in one location.

Now the IL monthly magazine is one of the two periodicals that I read cover-to-cover every month. My wife and I spent several weeks in Ecuador four winters ago and several weeks in Cost Rica three winters ago and are currently making plans to spend the 2019-2020 winter in Panama, Ecuador, and possibly Colombia.

International Living products and the in-country correspondents in these three countries have been extremely valuable in helping us plan our trip. Thanks to you all for providing accurate and useful information that will contribute immensely to our successful trip to Central- and South America this coming winter.

Vern Kincheloe
international living 5 star reviews

My husband and I are very recent early retirees, and after years of reading International Living, we attended a conference held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We both were amazed and thrilled at the vast amount of good and valuable information available that weekend. Plus we were more than able to speak individually with any of the speakers we heard. This company is ethical.

They have and sell their information and research. They do not try to get you to do or buy anything. They are quoted by the most reputable news outlets, and have not tried to be more than they advertise: they give good provable information that’s so helpful!! Love International Living!!

Lesa Wolman
international living 5 star reviews

I’ve been an International Living subscriber for more than a decade. Their magazine and conferences have been instrumental in giving me useful, actionable information that helped me build a life of freedom and comfort for myself and my family.

I look forward to receiving the magazine every month and seeing what others have done for themselves, as well as learning about new opportunities that are always percolating to the surface.

Simply knowing that such opportunities exist continues to remind me that the world is not as bleak as others would have us believe. The writers and editors at International Living go above and beyond to show that the world is beautiful, and that peace and prosperity are always within reach.

Adrian Goins

Last Updated on March 11, 2021


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