17 Sites To Find and Book Cheap Airfare

|   Last Updated on November 23, 2020

As Online Travel Agencies and Metasearch Engines start to take over the field from the dying out traditional travel agencies, it has never been easier to find cheap flights.

When it comes to air travel, ticket prices can make or break a trip. Whilst many are saving up air miles for that vacation they truly desire, there are many who need a cheaper travel option.

The internet is packed full of great deals and websites that can point you towards a cheap flight.

But it would take hours of trawling and searching to find the right flight website for your situation.

Many travellers are looking for several options when booking airfares. Whether it be a price graph, low price guarantee or package deals.

Luckily, we have taken care of it for you.

Firstly, let’s look at a few tips to get the most out of this post and the websites included.

Here are some tips to help you get the best deal:

  • Be flexible with travel dates
  • Be flexible with airports
  • Always fly economy
  • Don’t always fly direct
  • Take advantage of student discounts
  • Mix and Match airlines
  • Search multiple sites and compare

Now here are 17 of the best sites to find cheap airfares.

1. Kayak

Kayak is probably the most known of all the websites on this list. It was started back in 2004 and since has become the go-to search engine for cheap airfares.

Kayak is not a flight sales sight in reality; it is, in fact, an airfare search engine.

It compares prices and deals from all over the internet and puts them right in front of you.

One of Kayak’s best features is its price tracker, this simple website tracking tool gives advice on whether the price will rise, fall or steady itself.

The website also allows you to sign up for alerts on your flights so you can wait for the best price to come in.

Verdict: Probably the most reliable of websites due to its sheer size and popularity, where you know you can get a great deal.

2. Expedia

Expedia is a great place to find cheap airfares.

Expedia is an OTA (Online Travel Agency) as opposed to Kayak which is a search engine.

One of Expedia’s main benefits is its ease of use, this contributes to its popularity over the years.

Its great popularity comes from the fact the website has been in use since the 1990s and continues strong amongst the top airfare websites out there. A great feature that Expedia offers is the rewards program.

This handy program allows you to earn points from booking through Expedia, these points can then be traded for rewards.

Verdict: One of the original airfare websites where getting cheap flights is the main goal.

3. Google Flights

Google Flights is a website very similar to Kayak, in the way it produces cheap airfares.

Like Kayak, Google Flights is a search engine designed to find cheap airfares. Probably one of the bigger names in the industry today due to Google’s success over the last couple of decades.

One of the major features of Google Flights is the sheer number of metasearch data available.

In turn, this allows for a better chance of finding a cheaper flight.

With it being a huge search engine, Google Flights connects people to other websites to complete the deal with many on this list failing to match the sheer power that Google provides.

A major advantage to Google Flights is the price graph which shows you the trends for the route you are interested in, a game-changer when looking for cheap airfares.

Verdict: Due to its sheer volume of data, you can be sure of getting a very good deal when using Google Flights.

4. OneTravel

The interface for One Travel is something very similar to Google Flights but without the sheer volume and data available.

One Travel, however, is a decent site to find cheap airfares.

It has a calendar organization tool that allows people searching for airfares the ability to find flexibility within their booking range.

Although One Travel is a strong site it does charge a steep ticket fee of around $30-35 per ticket on average, a major drawback when searching for the cheapest options.

Verdict: Although a major player, ticket fees could eat up any savings.

5. Momondo

This site is a gem. Once again, a search engine like Kayak and Google Flights, Momondo is extremely powerful.

One of Momondo’s major draws is its interface, a beautiful, visual specimen.

It also has a price tracker and plenty of options for filtering through airfares. They also provide something unique in their mix and match deals.

This unique option allows those booking to book one-way flights from different providers, for example, the flight to the destination through one provider and the flight home through a separate provider.

This clever little option can drastically cut ticket prices. A great site for those looking for plenty of options.

Verdict: Beautifully designed site with some great mix and match deals.

6. Priceline

Priceline is another strong option when it comes to finding the cheapest airfare online. This one is a strong OTA and can hold its own with the others on this list, due to its concept, the opaque booking.

The opaque booking is a feature where select details of the flights are hidden until after booking, perfect for those who don’t need a lot of structure when booking.

They also offer a price match guarantee and free online cancellation within 24 hours of booking.

Verdict: Opaque bookings can save a ton of money on this site.

7. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is more of a referral if anything else. Quite simply put they show you a price then link you to another site.

However, Skyscanner is very flexible with their search process. Customers will find it extremely easy to search through the site for the best deal. They also offer prices in multiple currencies and price alerts.

Verdict: Multiple currencies make it a perfect option for users all over the world.

8. Travelocity

Once again, another site that deals with opaque bookings, Travelocity is a strong site for cheap airfares.

However, one catch, all the fares on Travelocity are opaque bookings.

So, for travellers who don’t mind giving up a bit of control and structure to their trip then Travelocity could be perfect. Once again, they offer some good amenities such as free cancellation within 24 hours and a price match guarantee.

Verdict: Perfect for flexible travelers, due to their opaque bookings.

9. Orbitz

Founded in 2001, Orbitz is a very good OTA with some strong features.

The major one that stands out is the Orbitz rewards program, travellers earn 1% of their booking back in Orbucks.

Orbucks can be redeemed for hotel bookings. Once again, another site that offers the 24-hour cancellation policy and a low-price guarantee.

Verdict: Strong rewards program which can cut hotel fees.

10. FlightNetwork

Based in Canada, Flight Network offer a price drop guarantee on their flights. Basically, if they lower the price of a flight after you have booked with them, then you get the difference toward another booking.

Pretty cool right? They also offer VIP promo codes if you sign up to their emails.

Verdict: Price drop guarantee ensures you get a great price on flights.

11. Hotwire

This OTA is an extremely popular option among bargain seekers. Having been in the business for over two decades they know a thing or two about good deals.

They offer a very simple search function but the main benefit to this site is the amazing deals one can get when booking a hotel and flight together.

Hotwire can procure some downright fantastic hotel deals.

Hotwire also offers an opaque booking option which they have renamed as a Hot Rate flight.

Verdict: Perfect for those booking flights and hotels together due to their fantastic rates on hotels.

12. Vayama

Having been in the business a shorter time than most others on this list founded in 2007, Vayama offers a very simple search website.

It has basic filtering options and the choice to +/- 3 days when searching for airfares. They also have a basic price graph.

The website has one major drawback and that is the booking fees around $25 on domestic flights, Ouch!

Verdict: Great flexibility but watch out for high ticket fees.

13. CheapOair

This site is extremely versatile, with the ability to book in multiple ways.

Whether that be by the mobile app, phone or even live chat.

They also offer low fares for students which is always a plus.

Not to mention they are pretty strong on bargains with their last-minute deals. Perfect when the booking is spontaneous

Verdict: Cheap flights with a discount for students.

14. Cheapflights

With individual sites for a host of countries, this site is truly an international force to be reckoned with.

They are in abundance of deals and specials; they also have an alert system where one can sign up and receive alerts on flights. This site is right up there for international users.

Verdict: Plenty of deals and hosted in multiple countries, truly international.

15. Cheaptickets

A very popular site due to its fantastic last-minute deals, they also offer multiple other features including event and concert tickets. Truly versatile, perfect for an all in one booking experience.

Verdict: Unrivaled for last-minute deals.

16. Airfarewatchdog

Probably the best site out there for alerts, Airfare Watchdog is built upon its alert system.

They also offer price change notifications and a general list of cheap fares to several major cities.

Verdict: For those who want to wait for price alerts.

17. Hopper

Although technically an app and not a website, Hopper offers a great interface and some pretty cool features.

Although the app lacks filtering options it makes up for it with a simple color coded map showing the cheapest and most expensive times to buy.

The app also allows the user to sign up for alerts on specific dates. However, the app is let down by the sheer lack of filtering options.

Verdict: Truly mobile and very easy to use, perfect for those needing little options in their search.

Bonus Tip

Sometimes just booking directly from an airline can provide you with a better price than most of the sites listed here. Southwest is an airline known for cheap fares when booked direct.

The ball doesn’t stop there, many airlines offer cheaper rates when contacted directly.

The key is to comb through budget airlines and check whether their ballpark figures are in line with your ambitions.

However, it is important to remember that many of these listed exist because they can beat the airline directly.

The only way to find the best deal is to truly search and compare as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have gone through a lot of sites and found 17 of the best online for cheap airfares.

And although many of them offer similar features, there are those that have unique touches that make them stand out.

This list has something for everyone, whether that is deals on flights and hotels or easy to use web interfaces then it is on here.

Finding flights in the modern day has never been easier and now due to this list it has never been easier to find the cheapest possible deal.

Hopefully, this post has given you the tips and websites needed to find the cheapest airfare possible.

There is no right or wrong answer to finding the right airfare. But remember that most OTA’S and Metasearch Engines are similar in price so its imperative to search multiple sites and compare.

Although sites like Priceline and Travelocity tend to offer the best deals with opaque bookings, they do require the traveller to be pretty flexible.

If that sounds like you then opaque bookings could be the way to go. If you prefer a more in-depth and comprehensive search, then sites like Kayak can provide you with a great degree of options.

In conclusion, by following the tips mentioned earlier and using the sites posted here you can find the best possible airfare for the cheapest possible price.

Companies mentioned here are mentioned from 3rd party writers personal experience. They’ve also looked into trustpilot reviews and customer feedback from Google Reviews. We advice you do your own due dilligence before selecting a car rental hire. We don’t directly endorse any specific company here.

Last Updated on November 23, 2020


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