Best Travel Packing List for your Beach Vacation

|   Last Updated on September 21, 2020

Get your notebook and pen and make your list before it’s time to pack. It is important to make a list of the necessary things on the beach before the trip so that you can bring everything you need, and then correct it as needed.

In the moments when we sit in comfortable armchairs in our offices and fantasize about the sun and the sand, it seems like all we need is a swimsuit and leave.

We then tell ourselves that we will not even bother with things and packing, that we will just go and enjoy that sand.

However, it often turns out that we need more things on the beach than we think.

Our beach bag will be tough depending on whether we go alone, with our kids or friends.

If you want to enjoy the sun on the beach and enjoy all the benefits of your vacation, know that it is not difficult at all if you are well organized.

Making a list of essential things to do in the summer is easy to enjoy and falls into the category of “sweet torment”.

If you are a girl and you go to summer with a friend, for example, your list will be quite simple and completely subordinated to you. Here is a list of things you need:

  1. A beach bag or backpack. A beach bag should be mostly a rubber or knit bag for good moisture and sand. Beach bags are generally large enough to fit everything you need but don’t bother to pack them to the max. If you’re a little more practical, a backpack is a right choice for you, it’s easier to carry, has a more secure closing mechanism, and you’ll know that things are safe for you at all times.
  2. Swimsuit. It is advisable to wear two swimwear, especially if you are female. Summer can be deceptive, we all think summer is always very warm and it is impossible to catch a cold. A wet swimsuit and a light breeze in the shade are enough factors to keep you cool and thus spoil your holiday. To prevent this, it is wise to take 2 swimwear and change clothes when you get out of the water. While enjoying the lemonade, the wet swimsuit will dry. You can also complement this health concern with a fashion moment. Once upon a time, our moms and grandmothers wore one-piece swimwear to avoid revealing their body too much, nowadays one-piece costumes are a complete hit and this will be an ideal opportunity to take great photos in completely different beach outfits. Be careful when sunbathing in one-piece swimwear, it is always better to avoid the sun in them so you do not get unwanted uneven complexion. In the afternoon, a one-piece swimsuit is ideal for watching the sunset and a glass of wine. This won’t bother you much physically, the swimsuits are thin and light, you won’t even feel them in your bag.
  3. Dress, headscarf or beach robe. This piece of clothing should also be as thin and comfortable as possible, cotton is always the best choice during high heat. Some people consider this piece of clothing superfluous on the beach because we all like to wear as little wardrobe as possible during the summer. But you should keep in mind that when the beach is in town, it is advisable to go through the city in a light dress and feel more comfortable in the presence of people going to work, to the bank or the children going to school. This piece of clothing can also be of service to you, and if the weather changes abruptly, you can always get warm in this way. This piece of clothing will in no way burden you, you will wear it on you and with a good choice, you will not even feel that beautiful cotton dress.
  4. Beach Slippers. In this case, the advice is to wear whatever suits you! When it comes to beach slippers, it is always a good idea that they are comfortable and waterproof. If you are an adventurer and like to “get lost” on a wild beach, you will be lucky to have your comfortable slippers. Adventures of this type require sometimes very tricky trails that require safe footwear, also, depending on how much you like to hike and explore, choose slippers that will follow you well and that will not hurt you and spoil this adventure. If you simply love to rest on the beach and do not bother too much, it is enough to choose slippers that are water repellent and easy to clean.
  5. Beach towel(s). We all love to see beautiful and striking beach towels. Relax and express your style by choosing towels. In addition to choosing a nice and attractive towel, it is important not to be too thick and cumbersome. To avoid wearing a wet towel that can be extremely difficult at these times, try to have your towel dry naturally while on the beach or wearing an auxiliary towel. It can serve to wipe off excess fluid from your body after you get out of the water. An extra towel will, unfortunately, take up some space in your beach bag, but then at least try to keep it as small as possible.
  6. Sun protection preparations. This is the most important item on our list. We all know how important and necessary sun protection is. Never take the sun frivolously, however much you judge your skin to be resilient. The sun can cause burns to your body even when you do not see it, so when you are scarcely dressed in the open sun, it is necessary to apply a protective layer of some of the creams with a protective factor. In addition to protecting you from burns, allergies, and stains on the body, these preparations will also prevent the aging of your skin, the main cause of which is the sun. It may sound completely unnecessary to someone, but three creams with a completely different protective factor will cover your sun protection needs completely. The first and main cream should be one that has a high protective factor, it will save you from the sun in the first days, but will again allow it to “touch” your skin in a gentle way, thereby establishing that first protective complexion. The second cream should be one with a smaller protection factor with which you can continue lubricating, but slowly getting the color. The third cream is a face cream with a high protection factor. Usually, the face cream is made separately and has some milder ingredients that are beneficial for the face. When it comes to creams that will protect you from the sun, try to have a cream structure, oily products are attracted to the sun and can never have a large enough protective factor. Today, you can buy small, so-called “travel” bottles that are slightly smaller in volume, and you can pour these products and thus save space.
  7. Hat. When it comes to sun protection, with a nice hat you can be completely safe and look very attractive at the same time. It has almost no weight and will not burden you in any way. Keep your hat in the wind!
  8. Sunglasses. None of us likes to frown and make wrinkles on our faces. Glasses are a must on the beach because the sea will make a strong glare and it can be very difficult for you to function without them. Always keep your glasses in the holster and protect them from water and scratching.
  9. Money. When you go to the beach, bring only as much money as you plan to spend. Do not carry large amounts of money with you and constantly take care of it and make sure it is there. Keep your small wallet for the beach and keep only the basic documents and the amount of money you need.
  10. Literature and entertainment. As much as we all love to watch the sea blend in with the sky, we often use holidays to delve into some good stories that will take us into the fantasy world and disconnect from our everyday lives. A good novel will be enough to keep you entertained. The book can be quite heavy on your back, so if you’re not sure you’re going to read that day, leave the book at the hotel. You can buy your favorite magazine and follow all the latest happenings. Card games can also be great fun for you and your friends.
  11. Water. Always keep some water with you in the summer to stay hydrated and withstand high temperatures. Do not carry large bottles, choose smaller bottles so that you can refresh at any moment, but do not make the bag too heavy.
  12. Phone and headphones. The phone is not accidentally in the last place of our list. Don’t go anywhere without your phone, but keep it in your bag more than in your hand. Enjoy all the scenery that surrounds you, and your phone will always be available. Don’t forget to enrich your phone with the music you love, you can always reach out and enjoy.

If you are going on vacation with your family and have children, your going to the beach will be a little more complicated.

If you have the conditions to drive and use a car, it would be of great benefit to you even when going to the beach. In this case, in addition to the above, the most important are:

  1. Protective factor creams, especially for children. They are always much stronger than those used by adults and are necessary. Baby skin is gentle and sensitive to the sun, let your children enjoy the sand tower carelessly.
  2. Snacks. To avoid thinking all day long if the children are hungry and what they are about to eat, bring a snack and all that they adore eating. Include fruits in their snack, it will further refresh them.
  3. Entertainment. If your kids are too young to enjoy the sunset with you, you’ll need something to do with beach toys to make their time complete. Don’t overdo it, a few plastic toys will make the sand the most beautiful playground.
  4. Dry clothes. With children, there is no compromise on a wet wardrobe. To keep your children dry and protected from any inflammation, keep a spare dry wardrobe for your children.

If you are a man and plan to have a great time at the beach with your friends, you won’t have much trouble preparing your list and getting ready for the beach.

Men will give up most of the things women would wear, only to make them less burdensome. In addition to towels, cream with protection factor, slippers, money and phone, you will also need:

  1. Backpack. Unless you have a nicer half with you to push your little things into her beach bag, you’ll need a backpack. Try not to make your backpack too heavy and not be sensitive to water.
  2. Shorts. The shorts you come in may also be the shorts you will swim in. You can also bring two pairs of shorts, do if you don’t mind being constantly wet, you can change.
  3. Ball. Sand is always a good pitch for a small volleyball tournament.

And last but not least, your travel “pharmacy” can be important. If you do not have special needs for this, do not unnecessarily expose medicines and supplements to the sun.

However, if you have certain therapies, sensitivities, preferences for injuries or allergies, you must go to the beach with a travel “pharmacy”.

Now that you’ve formed your beach list, all you have to do is pack up and head off on your well-deserved vacation.

The most important thing on your list is to be protected and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

If you are the type of person to whom the sea and sand are more than sufficient, then a towel and sunscreen are enough for you.

Last Updated on September 21, 2020


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