11 Best Things to do in Málaga Spain

|   Last Updated on September 21, 2021

— MÁLAGA SPAIN — Málaga is located at the Costa del Sol, it has close to 3000 years of history, and more than 300 sunny days a year. The city is brimming with energy and has a lot to offer.

Whether you want to see stunning beaches, mouthwatering food, the mighty mountains that are filled with historical values, or you want to visit some of the unique and grandiose museums, this city gave us a legendary Picasso is one that you absolutely must visit.

1. Castillo de Gibralfaro

Castillo de Gibralfaro, also known as the “Rock of light”, is located in Southeast Spain, At the top of this hill is the remaining fortress that was built back in the 14-century. This castle is known for a siege that lasted for almost four months.

The “Siege of Malaga” took place in 1478, when King Ferdinand, Queen Isabela, and, Catholic Monarchs after many failed attempts to defeat Malagans, finally succeed in their mission to conquer the fortress. After almost four months of constant battle, Malagans have run out of food supplies and decided to withdraw from this battle.

Today, this magnificent place is a must-see for every tourist that visits Malaga, you can visit a museum that will tell you a beautiful story about the history of this place, you will see some historic monuments, and you will be in a position to watch the beautiful Malaga from the height of the fortress and you will be witnessing some of the best panoramic views ever!

2. Román Teatro

Roman Theatre is the oldest monument in Malaga, it wasn’t discovered up until 1951, it was laying hidden for many years behind the Culture House (Casa de la Cultura) building, which was built between 1940 and 1942, it got fully renovated in the 1960s.

During this works, Roman Theatre got discovered and the Culture House got completely demolished so the Theatre could be fully discovered and researched.

This theatre was built back in the 1st century in the era of Emperor Augustus, it was not in use up until the 3rd century AD and it was used for almost 300 years.

Roman theatre got reopened for the public on September 15. 2011, Today, this place is open for visits, you visit this architectural piece of art for free and relish the incredible history that surrounds you. When you go to this place, just remember that 2000+ years ago Roman Emperors used to walk and sit in the same place where you are today.

3. La Alcazaba Fortress

The walls of this powerful fortress are visible from almost any place in Malaga. This is another historical fortress that contains a great deal of history in itself.

It is located at the foot of Gibralfaro hill, it was built by Muslims somewhere in between 1057 and 1063, by order of Badis, who was a King of Berber Taifa of Granada.

It contains more than 110 mainly big towers. It was built from the material that was used from the Roman theater which is located nearby. This place was rebuilt and restored several times in its history, today, this building is one of the most important archaeological buildings in entire Spain.

During the first archaeological dig, scientists discovered an ingredient that Romans used for making their fish paste, this place was also used as a dungeon, where the Christian slave girls were locked in.

4. Parque de Málaga

Are you a fan of nature? If you are, then you should definitely visit this beautiful calming park in Malaga.

This place has more than 150 years of history, it has more than 50.000 plants, 2000 of which are different species, it also contains different types of trees and, palm trees.

If you visit this park at the peak of the summer heat, you will be surprised by the drop in temperature when you enter the park. You will also come across different fountains, so you can just sit down and let the music of Mother Nature do its job.

5. Ataranzas Market

Every tourist should visit this food marketplace, besides the amazing food that offers, this place also has an interesting history.

The building was originally built during the “Nasrid” epoch, it was serving as a shipyard. During the time, this building was also used as a military hospital, it got restored back in the 19th century and since then this building is used as a marketplace.

Besides its modern look, this market has 3 divided areas. Nothing gets mixed, you have 1 separate area for meat, 1 for fish, and 1 for fruits, it is all nicely organized and decorated.

You can find all sorts of different fruits from Andalusia and Spain, you will have a chance to taste some tasty exotic fruits that you maybe have never seen or heard of. If you are a fan of smoothies this will be heaven for you. All smoothies are made from fresh and organic ingredients.

When you finish buying and tasting different fruits and snacks, you can head out to local bakeries and coffee shops and feel the taste of authentic Spanish cuisine.

6. El Museo del Vidrio y Crystal

El Museo del Vidrio y Crystal or “Glass and crystal museum” is a very unique museum. This unique museum was opened in 2009 by Gonzalo Fernandez-Prieto.

It contains more than 700 pieces of different glasses, that were used in Phoenician time (1550 BCE – 300 BCE), and it also contains different glasses from the 20th century.

This pure piece of art is housed in the mansion that was originally built in the 18th century, and it is located in the center of Malaga. The interior of this mansion is filled with antique sofas, rugs, different paintings and, mirrors.

The mansion is divided into two floors, each collection is set according to the time of its origin, You will be able to see the collection that was used by ancient civilizations like Egyptians, Greco-Roman’s, Byzantine, Phoenicians.

7. Málaga Cathedral

The full name of the Malaga Cathedral is “Nuestra Señora de la Encarnacion” or “Our Lady of Incarnation”.

Work on the cathedral began in the year 1530, and the entire cathedral was built in the 17th century, but even today the cathedral stayed unfinished. This Cathedral is high over 84 meters and If you would like to visit the rooftop of this cathedral you would have to climb over 200 stairs, and it is also the second-highest cathedral in entire Andalusia.

The interior of this magnificent building was designed mainly in the Renaissance style.

Malaga cathedral also contains a beautiful courtyard and has its own gardens outside.

8. Picasso’s Malaga

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was one of the greatest artists since the beginning of time, his masterpieces are still admired by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

He was born in Malaga back in 1881, he showed that he had a special gift for art as early as the age of 11, when he became a student of his father. His works and drawing techniques are still the subjects of study at universities all around the world.

The museum got officially opened on 27th October 2003, more than 2000 people visited this museum on an opening day, which is located in the Palacio de Buenavista.

If you decide to visit this museum then we have some more good news for you, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso is very close to the museum, it got open for public in 1988 so you freely visit his birthplace. Inside his place you will see some of his paintings, you will also be introduced more to his life while he was living in Malaga.

Remember that these two buildings are just a few minutes away from each other, so if you visit the museum, make some room in your schedule to also visit his birthplace, it will be worth it for sure!

9. Malaga Museum

If you would like to have a better understanding of this astonishing city then we are highly recommending you to give this museum a visit.

You will be introduced to the entire rich history of Malaga.

This museum got opened in 2016 and it represents the ultimate creation of fine arts and archaeological artifacts.

The building in which this museum is housed has a very rich history. 1791 was the year when this house began construction and it wasn’t finished until the age of 1829.

This building was originally used as a tobacco factory, later in 1835, it became a government building.

It remained to be the government building until the late 1990s. The museum of Malaga now has to offer a lot to its visitors, more than 15.000 archaeological pieces. One of the biggest attractions that this museum offers to its visitors is the “Allegory of Malaga”.

10. Visit Malaga Football Club

If you are a football fan then we are recommending you to visit the famous “La Rosaleda” stadium.

Malaga CF is not at the very top of world football, currently, they are playing in the Segunda Division (second tier in Spanish football) but this club had its famous days in the past.

They won the UEFA Intertoto cup back in 2002, they also had an amazing season in the Champions League in season 2012/2013 when they reached the quarter-final stage while the head coach was Manuel Pellegrini who later continued and who the Premier League with Manchester City.

Some of the big football names used to play for Malaga such as; Diego Llorente, Jose Rodriguez Martinez, Juankar, Joaquin, Santi Cazorla …

11. Beaches

Malaga is home to some of the most beautiful, breathtaking beaches that you will ever see. Malaga is filled with astonishing beaches, but we made a list of the top 10 beaches that are located in Malaga or near Malaga that you should visit.

  • Playa Puerto Banus
  • Playa de Chullera
  • Playa de el Palo
  • Playa Cabopino
  • Playa Fuengirola
  • Playa Torremolinos
  • Playa El Cristo
  • Playa de la Malagueta


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