Last Updated on May 26, 2023

According to Courtney Young at Decker/Royal Agency, cannabis tourism has seen a tremendous rise in U.S. cities such as Denver, Portland, and Los Angeles over the past year. As the travel trend continues, Caribbean travel attraction company, Island Routes, is cashing in and launching a brand-new, comprehensive cannabis tour on the island of Jamaica.

The Jacana Farm Tour will take visitors to the mountains of St. Ann, Jamaica whose terrain is ideal for cultivating what the company terms the “world’s happiest cannabis.”

Marijuana Tour Jamaica

This tour can accommodate up to 10 persons, ages 18 and older and take them through the marijuana harvesting process across 14 of the farm’s 100 acres and into the area’s only local lab used for cannabis testing.

Guests will learn about the science of the flower and hear fascinating facts such as only female marijuana plants are grown to prevent pollination and male plants are destroyed.

The curing process takes anywhere from seven to 14 days using a “bun and cheese” strain, unique to Jacana Farm and not used anywhere else in the world.

The five-hour tour also includes an authentic farm to table lunch with Jacana’s ganga experts along with optional consumption. Travelers, however, are not permitted to take any products off the farm.

The Jacana Farm Tour is just one of many new offerings unveiled by Island Routes. Its Private & Bespoke Caribbean Collections include curated experiences for travelers fully customized to provide a personalized itinerary.

These one-of-a-kind, exclusive, off the beaten path experiences include outdoor adventures like catamaran, rafting, powerboat charters, unique swimming adventures, and exclusive snorkeling throughout the Caribbean Isles. Guests will have access to tropical rainforests, rivers, majestic waterfalls and more with VIP access to unique sites and tours led by specialized expert guides.