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If you are travelling to the beautiful Italian city of Milan, it is sure to be a memorable trip.

In northern Italy, Milan is widely considered to be the fashion capital of the world, from its designer boutiques to its fashion shows, Milan certainly has plenty to offer the discerning fashionista.

It is the second highest populated city in the country after the capital, Rome with as estimated population of over 5 million people.

Milan offers a huge range of things to any traveler and has everything from art and culture to fine dining experiences. Visiting Milan will certainly be something you will never forget.

1. The Last Supper

This stunning mural by the great Leonardo Da Vinci is located in the convent of Santa Maria delle grazia in Milan. For art lovers, this will be one of the highlights of a visit to the city.

The painting was believed to have been started around 1495 and was commissioned as part of renovations that were being made to the church at the time. This is also a brilliant painting to view for those who are looking for spiritual experiences in Milan due to its depiction of Jesus Christ and his disciples.

2. Milan Cathedral (Duomo)

Cathedrals are always truly spectacular buildings and Milan’s is no different.

Housed inside the magnificent building is a statue of Saint Bartholomew, who is depicted without any skin due to the nature of his brutal execution. Anyone with a passion for history would surely find this piece astounding.

The gothic building is so ginormous and detailed that it is believed to have taken six centuries to complete. On the side of the building is a replica statue of liberty, a rather interesting addition made to the building in 1810.

3. Sforzesco Castle

Another impressive building in the city of Milan is the Sforzesco castle also known by the name Sforza castle. Within the castle there are several museums featuring pieces from ancient Egypt to musical intruments and art to furniture. There is a collection for every taste.

The castle was built by the Duke of Milan in the 15th century and remains in immaculate condition to this day.

A truly stunning and grand building that is a must see for any traveler in Milan.

4. Fonderie Milanese

If you are looking for a genuinely Italian eating experience, then the Fonderie Milanese might be just the thing for you. Enjoying an aperitivo before your evening meal is tradition that dates back to the late 19th century and Italians today still indulge in this practice.

You will find the Fonderie Milanese is always busy due to the popularity of this tradition and these days most places will put on a spread of nibbles or a buffet.

5. Grand Galleria Vittorio Emananuele II

The impressively grand entrance to this shopping center features some beautiful Italian architecture.

Known as one of the oldest shopping malls in the world, the Gallery was built in 1877 and is a cross shaped building which features beautifully presented shops and boutiques.

As the fashion capital of the world, it would only be right that Milan would be home to somewhere as opulent as the Gallery, which houses branches of some of the most famous designer brands in the world such as Versace, Prada and Vuitton.

There are also plenty of eateries in the gallery where you can enjoy everything from a coffee to a traditional Milanese meal.

6. Navigli District

This area, dominated by a network of canals was designed with the help of Leonardo Da Vinci. The area was built gradually over hundreds of years and remains a popular destination for anyone visiting Milan.

Here you will find a huge selection of bars and bistros, and what more beautiful place to enjoy a meal and a glass of wine than the Navigli district. You can opt to take a boat tour and explore the beautiful views that the area has to offer.

For something a little more out of the ordinary you can visit the self proclaimed ‘smallest bar in the world.’ Where you will be served by masked waiters either at the take-out window or inside the tiny bar itself.

If you do opt to drink inside, you should know that booking in advance is required.

7. Pinacoteca di Brera

One of Milan’s fine art galleries, the Pinacoteca houses a large collection of Italian art. Previously used as a convent, the palace was not converted into a museum until the 19th century.

The building is in close proximity to the cathedral and the castle and so could be easily added in to a day of sightseeing in combination with them.

8. Teatro alla Scala

Built in the late 18th century, the Teatro alla Scala is renowned as one of the finest opera houses in the world. With Italy being one the world leaders in the days where opera were being regularly composed, this comes as no surprise.

For music lovers, this is a perfect evening out in the city, and there is also a museum for those who would prefer. Either way it comes a highly recommended building to view in itself.

The full length operas can sometimes be difficult to get tickets for due to their extreme popularity, so it is advised to book tickets well in advance. However, if you cannot access tickets, there are also recitals which you can watch with a professional opera singer and a piano accompaniment.

9. Piazza dei Mercanti

In the middle ages, this square would have been the heart of the city. Today, it is extremely popular and truly a sight to behold. With monuments and palaces lining the square, the architecture is truly breath-taking.

If you are looking to visit a truly ancient part of Milan, this is definitely an area to see.

10. San Siro Stadium

If you are a fan of sports, you cannot visit Milan without taking a trip to the San Siro stadium.

The stadium seats 80,000 and is also a popular venue for performances by some of the worlds most prolific musicians, with the likes of Beyoncé, Coldplay and Madonna having performed there.

The stadium is home to the football team AC Milan which is hugely popular with sports fans all over the world and not just in Italy. It is one of the largest stadiums in Europe.

11. Ratana

If excellent food is a priority during your trip to Milan, then visiting Ratana is a must. The restaurant offers traditional Milanese dishes with a modern twist.

Set in a grand and eye-catching building, Ratana not only offers delicious food but an impressive wine list as well.

12. Parco Sempione

Sitting behind the Sforzesco castle, the Parco Sempione is one of the finest parks in Milan. With wide open green spaces and beautifully tended gardens, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Enjoy a picnic on one of the scenic walking paths within the park and then visit the museum housed within the park for a perfectly laid back afternoon. The park is a huge space at just under 39 hectares and dates right back to the 1800s.

13. Torre Branca

torre branca
© Daniel Flickr

This impressive watchtower is located within the Parco Sempione and allows for breathtaking views of the city, the Alps are also visible on a clear day.

The towers stands at a little under 109 meters and was originally constructed in 1933, with renovations been carried out in the 1970s.

14. QC Termemilano

This beautiful spa is set in a former tram depot and offers everything from a Jacuzzi waterfall to tea rooms and saunas to pools. For those wanting to relax and take a few hours away from the chaos of the city, the QC Termemilano is just the place to do that.

15. Isola

Isola was closed to the public but is now open and you can take a leisurely walk through the area whilst viewing some fascinating street art which the locals have commissioned. Bright colours and vibrant images line the walls of the streets, it is truly a magical place to visit.

16. ATMosfera

For a meal with a difference, the city of Milan has commissioned two trams to include restaurants, where you can enjoy a delicious meal whilst enjoying the sites that the city has to offer. The trams offer a five course menu, so make sure to leave room for dessert.

For a magical and romantic experience, this is just the ticket.

Whatever you decide to do in Milan, it is guaranteed to be a delightful trip, filled with culture, food and entertainment. There really is something for every taste in this city, and this list shows just how varied the activities within the city can be.


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