12 Best Things to Do in Ostrava, Czech Republic

|   Last Updated on March 30, 2020

Ostrava, located in the Czech Republic lies extremely close to the Polish border and on the meeting point of four rivers. The city is the third largest in the entire country of the Czech Republic and is home to over 300,000 inhabitants.

Many years ago, the city grew rapidly due to the fact that it was located on a coal field making it an important area of industry over the years. Whilst coal mining ceased in the mid-90s, the city has thrived in other areas, one such area being tourism.

One of the major reasons that Ostrava draws in such a large amount of tourism is due to the cultural and sporting events which take place here every year, making it a hot spot for visitors from all over the world. If you are thinking of visiting this incredible Czech city, you have probably wondered what things there are to do to fill out your time here.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best things to do whilst staying in Ostrava, so whether your forte is music or your passion is with food and anything in between, there is surely something for everyone in this vibrant, historical city.

1. Zoo Ostrava

Let’s kick things off with a fun filled family day out at the zoo. The zoo in Ostrava offers an amazing wealth of exhibits featuring animals and plants from all over the world, from lions to lizards and porcupines to pigs, animal lovers will be certain to have a whale of a time here.

The zoo promotes conservation and is involved in many projects all of which can be learnt about on your visit.

2. Silesian Ostrava Castle

Visiting a castle whilst on a city break is an activity which is well worth taking part in. It allows guests to learn about the history of a place and really become immersed in it.

The Silesian castle in Ostrava has been standing since the 1200s and was mainly used for the military due to its location close to the border and its proximity to the river networks which would have been greatly used for transportation all those years ago.

The castle has faced much destruction over the years, being fire damaged in the 1800s and back in 1534 facing complete renovations. However, today it still stands in all its glory having been lovingly restored many times.

3. The Ostravice River

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Ostrava sits upon the meeting point of four rivers, one of these is the beautiful Ostravice river which is a very popular destination for visitors to the city due to the stunning scenery here.

Whether you want to explore the surrounding forests or take a stroll along the riverside, this relaxing location is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying some quiet time.

4. Michal Mine

The city of Ostrava is famed for its history of coal mining and if you are keen to learn more about this then a trip to the museum at the Michal mine is a great place to start.

Guests are offered to take a guided tour, packed with information about the history of the mine and are invited to take in the perfectly preserved buildings which are still in the state that they would have been at the turn on the 20th century.

5. DinoPark Ostrava

Do you have a child who is crazy about dinosaurs? Perhaps this part of natural history interests you, the Dino park is sure not to disappoint any dinosaur fanatic.

The park is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic and boasts a huge collection of models and displays all related to the reptilian giants of old. Kids will love the interactive experiences and many adventure areas which are great for play. After exploring the park, guests are welcomed into the on site 3D cinema for a truly amazing film experience.

6. Aquapark Olesna

For those who love to swim and get active, the Aquapark Olesna has it all. This outdoor and indoor water park has a great range of slides, pools and other water based activities as well as places to eat and drink, Fancy a game of volleyball in the sun? You can do that here too!

The water park offers a good range of events throughout the years such as Christmas specials and a Valentines day Candlelit swim, what could be more romantic?

7. Cathedral of the Divine Saviour

This eye catching cathedral was built in the late 1800s and is a popular place to tourists to go and see, due to the stunning architecture of the building.

The cathedral is the second largest Roman catholic place of worship in the region and can seat up to 4000 people. Visitors are welcomed to take a look around the cathedral or pay a visit to one of the regular services held here.

8. Silherovice Castle

For those who are looking for some spectacular architecture, one of the most renowned buildings in Ostrava is the Silherovice castle, this truly glorious building will impress even the most hard to please architecture lover.

All this aside, the castle offers a great range of services from weddings to golf days and even accommodation. If you are travelling with an event in mind, this might be the place to go.

9. Region Poodri

Calling all nature lovers. The region Poodri is an expansive nature reserve where visitors can relax, unwind and take in nature at its best. The focus here is on ponds and wetland areas and visitors will find a great variety of hiking trails. Whilst enjoying a walk, guests can view many species in the vast wildlife that lives here.

10. Gallery of Fine Art

Whether your art preference is classic or modern, there will be something to see at the gallery of fine art in Ostrava. Collections are displayed from various points in history and have been well received by many visitors.

The gallery also features various temporary exhibitions throughout the year, so there is always something new and exciting to see. Once you have browsed the collection, why not grab a coffee and a piece of cake at the in house cafe.

11. Ostrava Museum

With an impressive collection of both permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Ostrava museum offers visitors an insight into a whole host of different subjects.

Guided tours are available, or if you prefer you can browse the collections at your own leisure. Some of the things you might discover here are the history of the city, industry and the second world war, amongst many others.

12. Escobar Club

If you are more of a night owl and are looking for an evening of quality entertainment then the Escobar club is one of the most favoured night life spots in the city.

This venue is perfect for those heading out to the city for a bachelor/ette weekend or for those seeking to dance, drink and party into the night. Open from 2pm until 2am every day, fun lovers are sure to find there fill here.


Despite originally being an industrial city, Ostrava has moved on to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic, and this is of little surprise.

The city has so much to offer both tourists and those who live there permanently. With a vibrant and exciting night life scene as well as a varied and rich cultural background, Ostrava really does have something for everyone.

Visiting the city offers a wealth of options for tourists from museums and castles to traditional eateries and sporting activities. If you are looking for a city break that has variety and uniqueness, then perhaps Ostrava is the place to visit.

Last Updated on March 30, 2020


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