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The capital city of Brazil, Brasilia, was built in the 1950s but officially named as the capital city in 1960. The whole city is a great place to visit and a variety of activities and attractions await you to discover them. Here is a list of the most important things you can do in Brasilia.

1. The National Theater Claudio Santoro

A theater that was completed in 1966, the national theater Claudio Santoro has a great modern architectural style and its indoor decoration is simple yet impressive.

The name of the theater belongs to a famous Brazilian composer and violinist named Santoro. A variety of concerts, plays, and musical performances are held in this great building and about 1800 people can watch a performance in the theater hall.

2. The Itemerary Palace

Another beautiful building with unique architecture, the Itemerary Palace has an impressive interior.

The initial purpose of the palace was to introduce foreigners to Brazil and make them admire the place.

For this reason, the whole architecture of the building has been based on National materials and the place has been decorated with the use of artworks provided by Brazilian artists. Bruno Georgi, Maria Martins, and Rubem Valentim are some of those popular artists.

You can go on a guided tour to learn some interesting facts about the building and you will have the opportunity to admire some great antique furniture, paintings of modern style, traditional sculptures, and iconic belongings.

Do not forget to visit the gardens of the building as well. A lot of flowers and local plants grow in there.

3. Palacio do Planalto

Although it is a bit difficult to schedule a guided tour particularly if you wish it to be in English, Palacio do Planalto is still a great place to visit when you are in Brasilia.

From the inside, you will be able to have a great view over the Congress and the Supreme Court, but the interior architecture of the building is the most fascinating thing.

The entrance is protected by two guards that wear their national costume in blue and white. Plenty of glass and some unusual pillars are part of this Palace.

The sunset is really unique as well, and it lights the whole building. A guided tour during the weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to gather some interesting facts about the palace and Brazilia in general.

4. The National Library of Brasilia

The National Library of Brasilia is situated in a great location and the building itself is quite unique, as well. When you first visit this place, you will notice that its exterior has an egg-shaped structure that can be distinguished from far away.

When you step into the interior of the building you will be able to admire some great temporary exhibitions and quite an interesting supply of books.

5. The National Park of Brasilia

Situated just a few kilometers outside of the city the national park of Brasilia is the natural habitat for a variety of animals including rare species of birds, some funny monkeys, hummingbirds, and agoutis.

Two Healing Mineral Springs are the main attraction of the place but visitors can walk around following one of the many available walking trails.

The shortest one takes you through a forest, while the longer one offers you a great scenery all along. This trail, however, does not meet up with so many animals and it can be quite tiresome for the less energetic among you.

In each case, do not forget to take a lot of water along. A few choices for a meal are also available in the area.

6. Santuario Dom Bosco

A well-known Church in Brasilia with a unique cube-shape, the Santuario Dom Bosco may look like an ordinary building from the outside but the interior of it can be described as mesmerizingly beautiful.

A deep blue color decorates the sides of the building and the church is actually made of 80 concrete columns. 7400 pieces of Murano Glass decorate the upper part of the church symbolizing a starry sky. An astonishing central chandelier is also part of this church.

If you wish to go on a guided tour you will be able to enrich your knowledge on the history of Don Bosco and how he was actually embraced by the city as a patron saint. A souvenir shop can also, be found in the church.

7. Paranoa Lake

If you happen to visit Brasilia when the weather is nice you should not miss the opportunity to go to the well-known Paranoa Lake.

With a maximum depth of 30 meters and with three little Islands on the inside, the original version of the Lake was constructed in the 19th century. The lake is nowadays, the perfect spot for swimming, sunbathing and for taking part in a variety of water sports.

Alternatively, you can just relax and admire the unique sunset in the late evening.

8. Clube do Choro

A quiet big restaurant that hosts some live music shows on a daily basis, performed mainly by local bands and occasionally by internationally famous artists, Clube do Choro is the perfect place if you wish to spend a night admiring a piece of Brazilian traditional music.

The restaurant serves some great drinks, including the classy Caipirinha, and good appetizers, as well. If you are a fan of jazz music then rest assured that you will enjoy every minute you spend in this restaurant.

9. Banco do Brasil Cultural Center

The perfect cultural place in Brasilia and home to beautiful exhibitions, the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center is a must-see destination for admirers of the Fine Arts.

Since its opening in 1993, the place has served as a reference center for a series of cultural expositions, including some permanent collections of artwork along with some temporary exhibitions from local Brazilian artists.

Some great parties are part of the Museum’s life every once in a while, as well.

A variety of child-friendly activities are also available and a good souvenir shop and cafeteria have become part of the museum recently.

10. Iguatemi Shopping Center

A large Mall in Brasilia with controlled parking and a series of unique stores awaits visitors.

As you walk along the corridors, you can visit and shop some great American and European products and then you can enjoy a wonderful meal at one of the various restaurants that are part of the place.

Most object clothes food souvenirs can be found at an affordable price so do not miss the opportunity to purchase some presents for your beloved ones back home before your departure from the city.

A bookstore is also part of this venue and there you can choose from a big selection of literature guide books translated in international languages including Spanish, French and of course English.

11. The Planetarium

An interesting place for both adults and children, the Planetarium offers visitors the chance to observe a series of exhibitions, ranging from the Bing Bang to the evolution of humankind.

A projection film that explains the basics around the origins of human life is available in the space of the Planetarium and modern astronomy equipment is there for you to admire and try using when the sky is starry.

12. Torre de TV

If you are afraid of heights then you should probably stay away from this 224-meter-tall TV tower. Otherwise, this place is great if you wish to admire the city from above and get a sense of its layout.

The observation deck is placed at 74-meters high and it is open to visitors daily. During each Sunday, a craft market takes place at the base of the building and you can purchase some great local stuff from there.

13. Itiquira Waterfall

The highest waterfall in Brazil and one of the most impressive landmarks in Brasilia, the Itiquira Waterfall tumbles from 168 meters.

Apart from the waterfall itself, the spot is the perfect green destination where visitors can spend some relaxed time away from the vibrancy of the city.

A day trip to the waterfall can be a well-worth-it experience particularly for families with children.

You can combine your trip with some walking along the natural trails that have been created in the broader area of the waterfall or enjoy a peaceful morning going on a picnic.

14. Samba Dance

Brazilians are known for their samba dancing. The city of Brasilia is no exception to the rule. Every Saturday from dusk to dawn you will hear a lot of traditional samba music coming from the bars of the city.

Two well-known spots where you can enjoy some free samba spectacle or try dancing yourself are the Cade Tereza and the Calaf bar.


Brasilia is the perfect destination for everyone: from families with children to couples or lone travelers, everyone will have something to do in this vibrant city.

Apart from the variety of historical monuments and traditional places to visit and admire, Brasilia is also popular for its unique natural habitat and for the care-free nature of its inhabitants.

With a combination of parks, museums, historical buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafeterias around, it is no wonder that Brasilia has become a top-rated destination throughout the years.


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