16 Best Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

|   Last Updated on April 3, 2020

Home to more than 4 million residents, Sydneysiders are probably the most envied residents of any city. It is not uncommon to find Sydney topping surveys of the most visited city or the best place to live!

Sydney has very unique features; it is a vibrant and stylish city but with a low population density compared to other cosmopolitan cities.

Moreover, Sydney is a varied terrain city; there are beaches, natural beauty and mountains. Which makes Sydney a darling choice for tourists visiting the continent. What is also amazing about Sydney is most of its attraction sites are within walking distances from each other.

Below are the best 17 things to do when you find yourself in Sydney;

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney does everything differently. Rather than visually enjoying the Sydney Harbour Bridge you can experience it!. You can actually climb the 440 ft. high bridge. Hands down the best view of the city.

2. Sydney Opera House

Although the Opera house was only opened on 1973, it became master piece not only in engineering ingenuity but in providing a classy experience too. Enjoy a cultured a night of a the 400 years old art, and with more than 2000 events a year, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that suits your taste.

3. Pedal Through the Rocks

The rocks is considered the birthplace of modern day Sydney. In 1788, the rocks, a landing strip by the harbor, was the place first European settlers called home. Being the intersect of the vibrant modern Sydney and the centuries old settlement, a bike ride through the Rocks is like pedaling through time, passing by Sydney’s finest attractions.

4. Take a Selfie With a Kangaroo

Yes, you cannot visit a Australia without having a glimpse of a Kangaroo. However, at Taronga Zoo, you can see the exotic animals that inhabit the continent, from the Tasmanian devil to adorable baby koalas.

At Taronga Zoo you can get very close and feed a giraffe or take a selfie with a Kangaroo. If you are feeling adventurous, you can spend the night a safari-style tent. You can join zoo keepers in feeding time and get close encounters with the animals.

5. Tan at Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is one of the landmarks’ of Australia. Whether you want a relaxing tan or active beach sports, Bondi beach will surely have whatever you are looking for.

What is striking about Sydney is the availability of superb food choices. You can enjoy a relaxing morning at the beach and walk a few minutes to enjoy a five stars dining experience.

6. Visit the Royal Botanic Garden

If you want to enjoy the calm and peace of unmatched botanic beauty while still in the heart of the city, then the botanic garden is the place for you.

This is a two centuries old scientific institution and public park.

The botanic garden provides more than just plants, if you want an educational tour or a deep dive into the aboriginal culture, then you’re all set.

If you are not in the mood to walk around the 30 hectare garden, well, you can take a ride on the train, cutely named the “Choo Choo Express”, around the garden and the spectacular harbour views all around.

7. Jump Start Your Adrenaline at Luna Park

From the Hair Raiser to the Pirate’s Revenge children and adults alike are guaranteed a skyrocketing adrenaline!.

After you tire yourself in the amazing park, take a ride in the Ferris wheel. You can enjoy a fine dining experience in the Ferris wheel overlooking Sydney’s harbour and Opera House. It’s truly an unforgettable ride.

8. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

If you think Australia’s most exotic animals are above the ground, you are in for a surprise!.

Sea life Sydney aquarium is a top attraction site for tourists and locals alike. You will connect more with Sydney when you connect its above ground rarity with its underwater beauty.

Your first steps into the shark walk will be unmatched, as you glance at the 32 ft long killer sharks swimming just above your head.

Also, the Sydney aquarium has launched their newest innovation, Day And Nigh On The Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven world wonders. Although you are at the heart of Sydney, the new $5 million dollar interactive exhibit will allow you to cross the great barrier reef from your bucket list,

9. Queen Victoria Building:

This iconic structure was built in the late 1800s. Queen Victoria building is now home for the a variety of high-end retail shops and local boutiques. If you want a break from shopping, enjoy your coffee and marvel at nineteenth century architecture.

A walk along the arcade of the building will take you to the past while enjoying the ease and comfort of modern life.

10. Sydney’s Circular Quay

If you enjoy a ferry ride, you will love the Circular Quay. It serves as the city’s main ferry terminus. Ferries leaving Circular Quay aren’t for tourists only, commuters regularly take the ferry to and from work. Don’t worry ferries leaves every few minutes.

Circular Quay is to Sydney as Times Square is to New York, but in a more calm way!

And if ferry rides are not your cup of tea, then you can enjoy the infinite banks of open air restaurants and cafes overlooking the harbour and Opera House.

11. Take a Hike in Sydney’s Blue Mountains

Unanimously listed by UNESCO to be register as a world heritage area, the blue mountains are a sight of paradise. Surrounded by lakes and rivers giving it a distinct scent of beauty that is unparallel by any mountain site.

A bike ride going through the branch roads around the mountain is an exceptional way to enjoy the beauty of this site.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and bike riding doesn’t cut it for you. Then you can go rock climbing. Just make to have your phone handy as there will be some shots that you don’t want to miss!.

12. A Night Walk Through Oxford Street

Only a true cosmopolitan city can maintain a vibrant daylife as well as an adventurous nightlife. Sydney’s Oxford Street is a great hangout scene at night. The exquisite clubs and classy bars are part of what the city can offer to night owls. If you’re in oxford street make sure to check the rainbow crossing, one of the few features that will make your way a special one.

13. Walk on Water to Garigal National Park

Walk on the stepping stones from Davidson park to Garigal National Park. The different terrain this park provide makes it a paradise for those looking to capture their memories in special spaces.

If you feel a bike ride is not for you. Then take a horse!, you can ride your horse and pass by waterfalls and take a rest by a lakeside. Garigal National Park is truly a different experience.

14. Australian National Maritime Museum

As a seafaring nation, Australia has a rich history when it comes to maritime. The Australian national maritime museum offers a comprehensive view of the Australian royal navy history, including retired submarines and destroyers.

As we have said before, Sydney does every thing differently. At the national maritime museum, you can now experience a life like drama as lived by the Australian Royal Navy soldiers.

The museum’s new action stations allow visitors, using immersive advanced technology, to experience how royal navy soldiers operated the Navy submarines and destroyers during war time.

15. Chinese Garden of Friendship

China holds a special place on Australia’s list of international friends. As China is the largest trading partner of Australia.

The garden takes its design from the classic private gardens of the Ming Dynasty. The blue and gold dragons represent New South Wales special relationship with the Guangdong province in China.

However, symbolic fictional creatures are not all what this garden offer. From the sparkling waterfalls to gorgeous plants, you are sure to enjoy your Chinese cup of tea at this heavenly environment.

16. Manly Beach

If you haven’t noticed, ferry rides are a quintessentially Sydney experience. Taking the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly beach and witnessing the sunsets on Sydney is by far the most romantic experience you could have in this city.

You could launch your surfing career at Manly beach as it is not only a great beach for surfers but you could actually take surfing classes right on the beach. If you want to blend in with Sydneysiders, book your ticket for an NRL game at the Brookvale Oval to see the Warringah Sea Eagles play.

Last Updated on April 3, 2020


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