15 Best Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

|   Last Updated on April 3, 2020

There are many things in Melbourne and something that will pique the interest of all. Melbourne has many outdoor, cultural and historical activities, arts opportunities and a great reputation for excellent entertainment. You will find something that everyone in the family will like.

You can easily travel to Melbourne with many transport systems in the city. One of the forms of transport is the City Circle tram, which runs almost every attraction in Melbourne.

You can see everything the city has to offer during the tour, and then decide what you want to do or look a little further and see. Here are some great activities, which give you a general knowledge of Melbourne and its style.

1. Melbourne Aquarium

The Melbourne Aquarium was recently renovated and has become one of Melbourne’s most modern attractions. It is the only aquarium in the Southern Ocean, meaning there are creatures you will not see anywhere else.

The most amazing show is the Penguin area. It is new, big and attractive. You can see Antarctic penguins slipping on ice a few meters through a glass wall and you can see them dragging through underwater space. Penguins seem to be having fun.

2. Melbourne Museum

At the northern end of the garden is the Melbourne Museum, which will transport Melbourne’s history to the Melbourne store, which will carry guests from the early 1880s.

The Dinosaur Walk is an exhibition featuring the skeletons of many different dinosaurs that once roamed the area. Aboriginal art and history can be explored at the Burjilak Center Adivasi Center.

See what kind of insects are in the area around the Bugs Alive area and see what the forest area looks like in the forest gallery. Kids will like the children’s gallery, which is aimed at children aged three to eight years.

A tour of the museum will also take you through the Royal Exhibition Building and the garden. Timings are scheduled from 10 to 17 in the evening.

3. Eureka Melbourne Observation Deck

This is worth a clear day trip when you can see right into the Dandenong and Port Phillip Bay areas. After a little listen he made more provision. You have a different perspective on things at this height; You can go to see the world as a toy world with trains, trams and miniature buildings.

4. Royal Exhibition Building

History lovers will love all the historical places in the city. Many of them have received the title of World Heritage, and one of them is the magnificent royal exhibition building.

The Great Exhibition of 1880 produced this building and is one of the buildings that remains even after this event. Parliament of 1901. It was in a building, and in 2004 it received the World Heritage title. The renovated interior hosts several fairs, as well as art and culture exhibitions.

5. St Kilda

It has everything from seaside and beach resorts to German shops and confectioneries, Luna Park and various theatres. It is great to walk down the main shopping street in Acland Street. See also Sunday Market with original arts and crafts with esplanade.

Then there is the St Kilda Pavilion. From there, you can walk to St Kilda Dam, which extends far into the bay. The little angel penguin made his “home” in a rock structure near this dam. You can go on a Melbourne twilight holiday trip to Southbank to see the penguin returning to its nest.

6. Free City Circle Tram

This is an old hop tram that will take you to Docklands in the market. It is a way to get to know one of Melbourne’s famous trams and listen to announcements about Melbourne’s holiday attractions. For a more sophisticated street experience, the same type of old tram has been transformed into a tram restaurant travelling the city at night.

7. Federation Square

We call it Fed Square. It is a public place in the city of Melbourne. It connects Melbourne’s network with the Yara and Southbank rivers. A big event in Melbourne often leads to some things like free music or live streams.

The Fed Square is surrounded by cubical buildings that surround various museums including the Ian Potter Center, the Australian section of the National Gallery in Victoria. A must have for art lovers!

8. Williamstown Ferry

The Williamstown ferry is an inexpensive way to cruise on the Yara River. It departs from Southgate to Williamstown and also stops at ScienceWorks Museum.

This is a great way to get to know Melbourne and its harbour. On summer weekends, they get off a flatboat under the low Yarra bridges to the sun-roofed ship. He then leaves the exhibition centre.

9. Australian Center for Moving Image

ACMI, the Australian Center for Moving Image, is one of the most positive things in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to well-organized exhibitions, it also has a free-standing exhibition: the world of screens – a history of film, television and digital culture. There are many interesting practical activities that you can easily complete in the afternoon.

10. Luna Park

While Luna Park Melbourne may not be a fun destination for serious thrill-seekers, it is a fun trip and great experience for children. It is almost 100 years old, and the original reassembled roller still works. The big front is also an icon and is worth a visit to a wonderful location in the picturesque town of St Kilda.

11. Melbourne Gaol Crime & Justice Center

Another historical place to see is the Old Melbourne Gaul Crime and Justice Center, one of the oldest buildings in Melbourne. It was the first prison in which 136 people were detained, many of them hanged for their crimes.

There are day trips, but night trips are probably the most interesting of all. If you wish, experience this journey in the light of candles. The site is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and night tours are four nights a week.

12. Sebastian Inlet State Park

The park has three miles of beaches for swimming, surfing, diving, boating, fishing and other water sports. For the holidays one will find fully-equipped campsites, each with water and power connections, fire, barbecue and picnic tables as well as primitive camp sites.

To find out about the fishing history of the area, visit the McLarty Treasure Museum to see the lost treasures of the Spanish fleet or the Sebastian Fishing Museum.

13. Yarra River

The Yarra River runs along part of Federation Square and Flinders Street in Melbourne and opposite it is Bank Southbank. This is a great place for a barbecue (provided it is there to see the rovers or during the annual Momba festival and enjoy Moomba Masters waterskiing.

14. Melbourne City Square

Located on Burke and Swanston Road Square, Melbourne City Square has in many cases been replaced by Union Square. However, it is a great place to enjoy and sit in the tourist attractions in Melbourne.

15. Queen Victoria Market

No trip to Melbourne will be complete without stopping in this market. Officially opened in March 1878, several buildings remain from that period, including a meat hall and story store on Victoria Street.

The market has more than 1,000 booths in the northern part of the upper market selling everything from fish to vegetables and fruits, canned food products and bakeries, as well as many ethnic products. This market is an experience not to be missed by restaurants and cafes as well as seasonal events.


Melbourne is a great place to holiday. You can see the history of the area, shop, take part in many different activities or sunbathe on the beach and enjoy the amazing nightlife of the city.

Many different restaurants in the city will provide you with superb food and unlimited entertainment. Melbourne Tours fulfils all wishes for a successful holiday. Melbourne has a lot to offer, but this list includes the favourites of most visitors to this wonderful city.

Last Updated on April 3, 2020


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