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Canberra is a beautiful, elegant city with wide streets, amazing gardens, and a thriving business center. Visit the Australian capital and find out all it has to offer.

Many attractions, a comfortable transportation network, and comfortable hotels would enhance your travel experience to Canberra. Here are best things to do in Canberra, Australia!

1. Cockington’s Green Gardens

This lovely little city will delight every child (and many parents). The carefully crafted world includes buildings, railroads, farmed gardens, and even children playing. Cockington Green is an award-winning tourist attraction for a reason.

Enjoy your meal at the beautiful Parsons Nose Café coffee, visit the Rose Room and see an amazing collection of classic movies, or ride a train on a mini steam train running an international poster.

2. National Center for Science and Technology

It is one of the most informative, fun, and fun ways to spend a family day. Kids and adults will enjoy interactive shows, live shows, and fun films.

5.6 Richter Earthquake from Earthquake, ride the Swing 360 and feel all the physical effects associated with the physics of rotation and g power, try not to fall, and you get a little time to lose weight or lock your shadow in front of the wall of phosphorous color.

Questacon will make everyone think about the wonders of science and question your way of thinking.

3. Royal Australian Mint

One of the most interesting places to visit is the Royal Australian Mint. When the country adopted the decimal system in 1965, a mint was created.

From great perspectives, employees and huge coin robots can be seen. While in the mint, you can sit in the mini-theater and watch a DVD of coins.

The Museum of the Mind has exhibits that include rare sovereigns, samples of counterfeit coins, and rare money from the 1930s. You can print your coin in the store and show photos in the old factory of the exhibition.

4. Australian Sports Institute

Thanks to its impressive sports equipment, Canberra is also proud of the Australian Sports Institute, which offers interactive trips to Sportex shows.

The Canberra Museum and Gallery is a must, with a large number of exhibitions held throughout the year, as well as an excellent collection of history, from the centuries to the recent bush fires, as well as the usual photographs and art. It is worth spending at least a few hours to discover your treasures.

5. Wee Jasper Cave

Here is another great option to relax if you are staying in Canberra. The feeling of the caves will not be forgotten when you enter the darkness and see the rising sun.

Go-Karting is another great option, burning the gums and getting two adrenaline rush on the kart for two with a little heartbeat on the track.

6. Parliament House

This may not be the best thing for young children, but older children will enjoy visiting the National Assembly to see democracy in action. There is a free guide, and guests can stay during Senate inquiries on meeting days.

Meetings of the House of Representatives and the Senate can be viewed in the public houses of the House if the House sits. The parliamentary visit will provide children with valuable information on how they govern the country.

7. National Dinosaur Museum

Another great attraction in Canberra is the National Dinosaur Museum, which hosts a large collection of dinosaurs and other prehistoric materials.

The museum boasts 23 bones and more than 300 fossils, and focuses on education and entertainment, featuring a variety of exhibitions and events, as well as guided tours, pop shows, and even children’s birthday parties.

The museum is filled with Australian history and culture, which is presented through an array of exhibitions, technologies, and practical events. There is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the land, the nation, and the people.

8. National Zoo and Aquarium

One of the most exciting sights, especially for families, is the National Zoo and Aquarium, which are two attractions in one. It is located in the center of the city and boasts the largest number of big cats in Australia.

There seems to be all kinds of animals in the world, including monkeys, African animals, Australian designers, birds, reptiles, and many unique animals that will entertain you. The Aquarium also lets you view the Great Barriers Reef, sharks, and creatures from the depths of the ocean.

The only Australian zoo and aquarium, the aquarium is inhabited by different fish species, colorful reef fish, and much of Queensland.

9. Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is a great place to do outdoor activities. You can go canoeing or kayaking around the lake, which is a popular way to explore the area.

You can also try rowing boats, relax, and unwind in a relaxed atmosphere. A balloon is a great way to see Canberra from above. You can enjoy the unique experience of flying through the capital and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sky.

You can start at dawn and enjoy the scenes that open up a new day.

10. National Botanic Garden

The National Gallery is located on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin and has a collection that emphasizes the talent of Australian and foreign artists. it has great things for for everyone in this gallery, as well as a large statue garden.

The Australian National Botanic Garden is a great place to visit if you have a killer day in Canberra. The world is a beautiful garden with indigenous plants, and unique rock gardens are great to visit.

11. Lanyon Homestead

This place has historical value and is surrounded by buildings and gardens. There are also guides in this place that can make your visit more interesting due to their detailed knowledge.

You can have a family picnic and dine in the bright cafe.

12. Australian War Memorial

The purpose of the War Memorial is to honor the memory of all Australians who died during the war. The War Memorial is a museum and reserve, as well as an expanded archive.

Visitors describe this as an emotional experience and a place that all Australians should visit. Free regular guided tours of the monument and lots of interesting information and stories to read along the way. Take some time to visit the Victoria Cross-section and read many exciting stories.

The War Memorial is a free attraction.

13. National Portrait Gallery

This should have been my main focus, as the gallery is a longtime client of my Canberra website design and graphic business.

The mission of the National Portrait Gallery is to capture portraits of the history, identity, creativity, and culture of the Australian people. The gallery offers more than 400 images of people who have played an important role in shaping Australian culture, as is known today.

The gallery opened in December 2008 and also holds lectures, educational events and tourism exhibitions. Check out their website and see the amazing design that shows great art. This adds splendor to the visit personally.

14. National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia has a wide range of collections. Beautiful Australian art, cars, Australian clothing, and the collections of Australia’s biggest sports stars are just some of the exhibits available.

With such a large area of ​​content, there really is something for everyone. They also have rotational exhibitions and collections; every few months something new appears.

15. National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia is an exceptional place to visit, as it presents works of art not only from Australia, but also from around the world.

The gallery is working with other governments to lend artwork so that Australian people can see some of the greatest works of all time right in their backyard.

The collection ranges from indigenous art from indigenous tribes to Australian paintings, sculptures and photographs, as well as European Renaissance art.

16. Australian National University

This is Australia’s first research-based university. The campus is lined with the most exotic tree species in the world. The Drill Hill Gallery on campus organizes free exhibits every day.

You can also see them if you want. The university library holds two million books.

17. Blundell House

This museum is more than 30 years old; it was founded right in front of the city itself. It is built along the Molonglo River. He was part of the Campbell family estate known as Duntrun.


It’s easy to catch the spirit of Canberra. You can sit here and go in any direction for a pleasant day trip or spend weeks visiting national treasures, just waiting for the discovery. This city has been so carefully planned that you enjoy driving through your streets at any time of the year and making trips.

The standard of hotels and accommodation in Canberra is high, with many widely represented hotel chains, as well as independent and private accommodation options. In the city center, the largest number of hotels resides, although the suburbs offer good value for money.


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