13 Best Things to Do in Buenos Aires, Argentina

|   Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and often thought of as the ‘Paris of South America’.

It is an excellent destination for tourists offering magical culture, architecture and a plethora of activities.

Continue reading to find out some of the best things to do in Buenos Aires.


1. Dine and drink at La Cabrera and La Cocina

No trip to Buenos Aires is complete without trying empanadas. This is an Argentinian delicacy available in restaurants, street kiosks and bakeries.

It consists of a dough outer shell that is filled with all sorts of delicacies, such as minced meat and mushrooms.

Some of the areas in which you can find empanadas include Guerrin, La Cocina, and Na Serapia. 

You should also try dulce de leche, a sweet, sticky caramel that you can spread on your toast or drizzle over your ice cream.

If you’re a fan of steak and grilled meat, La Carniceria should be your next stop. This tiny steakhouse is usually packed to the brim, so remember to make a reservation.

It’s a real haven for food lovers, offering generous portions of grilled and smoked meat – ideal for sharing. La Cabrera and Don Julio are another two fantastic steak restaurants.

Next on the list: drinks.

Mate is the National Beverage of Argentina. It is a type of tea-infused drink. You should give it a try  if you want to experience the city like a local.

Plaza Serrano, in the heart of Parlemo Soho, is surrounded by little bars and cafes offering drinks and outdoor seating.

Near the plaza, there is The Temple Bar area for craft and international beers. 

2. Go dancing at San Telmo Plaza

If you love dancing, then a traditional Argentinian milonga should be your next port of call.

A milonga is a specific venue where people go to dance, specifically tango. San Telmo Plaza holds a Sunday night milonga where people dance on the streets. 

Salon Canning is an inexpensive venue that offers traditional milongas, classes, and even shows. If you want an open-air milonga, go to La Glorieta, which has free performances on the weekend. 

Bar Sur in San Telmo is a perfect place for tango dancing as well. It has a smaller, more intimate venue. 

If you’re not into tango, go to one of the various nightclubs (locals call them boliches) and dance the night away. Popular nighclubs include Pacha, Niceto or Crobar. Crobar Club in Palermo is under a railway bridge and hosts well-known, international DJ’s.

3. Take part in the Muza 5k pizza marathon

As hilarious as it sounds, this event attracts many people.

It is a 5k race in which participants eat pizza from different places to decide the best pizza spot.

The race is held once a year and is not to be missed if you’re a fan of pizza. 

4. Visit museums

The Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos displays works of the greats, such as Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet. Entrance is free to the public.

Take your time to look at the paintings, temporary exhibits, and carvings. 

When you have had enough of Fine Art, The Museum of Latin America Art in Palermo is the next stop.

It is commonly known as MALBA, which stands for Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires. Its modern construction alone is a good indication of the kind of art you will find here.

The museum houses contemporary and historical art collections. 

It also has social, political and pop art segments to cater for every visitor’s preference.

Here, you will find art by Diego Rivera, Wilfredo Lam, and Frida Kahlo.  

5. Enjoy shopping at San Telmo Market

One of the best things to do in Buenos Aires is shopping.

San Telmo Market is the capital’s largest market. It has many traders dealing in antiques and art.

Discover endless treasures to take home, from matchbox cars to first edition books. There are over 250 stalls to browse, so expect the place to be full of people. 

It’s worth noting that San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and is paved with old and modern cobbled streets, colonial architecture, bars, and antique shops. .

Board a train to Tigre Delta if you want to get away from the city life. It is a marvelous area for kayaking. Here you will also find the Puerto De Frutos, a large market selling all kinds of things including foods, crafts and handmade furniture.

Tigre’s main dock features a park, museums, and an artist’s market if you’re a lover of art.

The primary means of transport around here include boats, kayaks, and a ferry.

Feria de Recoleta hosts a street market during the weekend. It offers art, silver jewelry, pottery, leather, and handcrafted items as well as street performers and gauchos (Argentine cowboys).

6. Set aside time for the Botanical Gardens 

The Palermo area is full of charms and quirks. If you’re in need of some peace and quiet, pay a visit to the Botanical Gardens. It is located in Palermo, next to the Plaza Italia.

The gardens are home to beautiful flora and fauna native to Argentina, with more exotic varieties growing in the greenhouse near the entrance. As well as flowers, the gardens have 27 sculptures, a butterfly corner and various fountains on show. The gardens are ideal for an afternoon nature walk.

Consider paying a visit to Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve as well. It’s a peaceful spot at the renovated port of Puerto Madero.

The reserve has trails for trekking, running, and cycling if you want to blow off some steam.

7. Visit the president at La Casa Rosada

In downtown Buenos Aires, you’ll find La Casa Rosada, which is the official presidential residence. Named after its distinctive color, it cuts an impressive figure with its spectacular garden.

It sits on the eastern side of Plaza De Mayo, which is a popular site for political demonstrations.

8. Watch a game at Campo Argentino de Polo

The Cathedral of Polo (Campo Argentino de Polo) hosts sports tournaments and other large scale events.

The stadium can accommodate 30, 000 spectators. If your favorite sports team or singer is playing at the venue during your stay, make sure to buy a ticket.

9. Horse racing at Palermo Hippodrome

If you love horse races, Palermo Hippodrome is the place to be.

Watch the races, cheer, place bets, and have an all-round good time.

You can even try the gaucho experience, where you ride a horse, eat and drink. 

10. Head to the opera at Teatro Colón

Teatro Colón is an expansive, elegant opera house with seven stories. It has been around since 1980 and hosts operas, orchestras, and ballets.

The place is fitted with top-notch acoustic systems. This way, you won’t strain to hear the music no matter where you’re sitting.

Purchase a ticket and attend one of the upcoming shows or opt for a guided tour. No need to worry about language barrier, there are tours for English speakers on every day of the week. 

11. Watch films outdoor at Crepas

Crepas Cinema Club
Crepas Cinema Club

Buenos Aires has several outdoor places to enjoy a film, if you fancy a more unconventional viewing experience, which include Crepas and Monks in Palermo, and Macabras in San Telmo. 

12. Architectural tours at Avenida De Mayo

Do you know why Buenos Aires is called the ‘Paris of South America’? It’s thanks to its rich architecture, inspired by 18th century France.

Your tour will start in front of the National Congress, head to Avenida De Mayo, and stroll around Recoleta and Retiro.

During the tour, you will discover why Buenos’ is compared to Paris and learn about the other architectural designs inspired by Italy and Spain.

13. Take in a Sunset at Peru Beach In San Isidro

After a busy day admiring the city’s architectural beauty, head to Peru Beach in San Isidro, North of Buenos Aires.

Try your hand at kite surfing. There are instructors available to teach you the basics.

Even if you have no interest in kite surfing or any other activity, simply sitting down to relax and enjoy the view is a treat in itself.

Final thought:

Buenos Aires treats tourists to a wide range of activities, from shopping, and pizza marathons, to tango and street performances, to outdoor movies and live football matches live.

It can be overwhelming deciding what to do, but we hope this possible itinerary has helped narrow down the list.  

Last Updated on February 28, 2023


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